How to change message color on iPhone in just 1 sec?

Is message color change really possible?

Why color change required

Color change may be required cause of the contrast color. Whichever contrasting color is more visible to you is better for your eyes.

Does the iPhone support color change

To be honest, this can be done with one third-party application this app is available on the Appstore so it is safe to use.

Will color change can cause a warranty issue

No not at all color-changing won't cause any warranty issue until you root your iPhone device Or Do the jailbreaking hack.

Color changing can Diversify the user's mood

The message color can help uplift user mood, which is a great thing, the reason being, for this is that seeing old classical the boring color makes us feel low.

How to color change 

There are serval methods to do that you can find many applications which can help you do this, but you won't know which application is safe or not.

Steps involved in changing color.

 "Color Text Bubbles" to be downloaded and installed from the App Store.

Step 2

Open the iPhone Messages app To get Color Text Bubbles, swipe left on the row of iMessage applications above the keyboard. now you can send custom text bubbles

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