How to change the iPhone name?

Having iPhone unique name is must in now days or you will be consider outdated person, don't be so lame. 

Is there a unique name for your iPhone? It could already be something semi-personalized, like "anshul raj" if you're lucky, If not, it may be as generic as it gets - anything like "iPhone

Unique name

This maybe the current name for your iPhone, but is your family iPhone lover? If they are it will be hard to locate your iPhone on Find My iPhone or when you try connecting the Bluetooth.

Are you an iPhone lover

You'll have a hard time figuring out which is which. Surely your iPhone cool buddy will make fun of you if you don’t know how to change iPhone name don’t be so lame in the modern world

Well if you are looking for any cons of changing name then let me tell you there aren’t any cons for it just your name will be visible to all Bluetooth device

Cons of name change

I guess you aren’t a hacker who try to be hidden every time? So changing name won’t harm you in any terms

Steps involved

Launch the Settings application. Then  Select "General," then "About." After all this click on about "about" then name and change to your desired name

congratulation now you have a new name for your iPhone, if not probably you missed out some steps replay and follow properly 

New name for your iPhone cool

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