How to block websites on android in just 1 minute?

Most of the time we use the Gadgets for some meaningful work nowadays, bad impact on our generation which leads to distractions.

Step 1: Installing

Install the Block Site app from the Play store

Step 2: Permission

Now, Go to the Setting->download apps->blocksite->ON

Step 3: Usage Access

 Usage Access Setting-> Block site  ->ON.  It shows some accessibility precautions But you need not to worried it's just a protocol. Now, just click on the skip ads. that's it.

Step 4: App interface

 Click on the rightmost (+) icon to add the site name and you can add as many sites as you want

Step 5: Site Name

type the Site name on the search bar during this make sure that your network connectivity

Step 6: Site Bolcked

Now select the site that you want to block and click on done Eventually, the site is blocked from all browsers


This method works for as many browser you have like: opera, chrome, system default browser

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