How to apply thermal paste to Ryzen 7000 Series CPUs?

Noctua has unveiled the instructions to apply the thermal paste for the AMD's new Ryzen 7000 CPUs.

How to apply the thermal paste?

Let us go through the steps and changes seen from the previous methods of applying the thermal paste on the AMD processors.

Single dot for AM5s

For the AM5s, Noctua recommends applying a single dot of thermal paste of 3 to 4 mm thickness for proper coverage of IHS.

Five dot model in AM4s

Though the dot application is an old method, for Noctua, there is a drastic change with the five dot pattern.

What is a five dot pattern?

The five dot pattern in AM4 had four little dots at the four corners and one large dot in the middle of IHS.

For better cooler compatibility

For better compatibility, AM5s are built with the same dimensions but Noctua anyhow recommends different applications for both sockets.

Octopus shape of AM5s

This technique of single dot application might be right for AM5 since it has an octopus shape with eight slots cut out of the chip.

Reduced IHS area of processor

These eight cutouts, reduce the Ryzen 7000's IHS surface area, resulting in a single large dot at the center.

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