How to access iCloud photos?

You usually back-up your iPhone photos on iCloud, It's very simple and easy to do this, But how to access iCloud photos is a bit confusing.

Why can’t You see your iCloud photos on iPhone?

1. Navigate  to Settings > [your-name] > iCloud. 2. Click on iPhoto. 3. Suppose you require to, turn ON iCloud Photos by toggling.

Another reason: iCloud Photos has been restricted

May Be restricted due to WiFi 1. Navigate to Settings >> Mobile Data. 2. Turn ON Cellular Data if it’s off. Or OFF then ON.

How to See iCloud photos on Mac?

Access iCloud Photos on its Photo's app: Open the Photos app-> Tap on your Photo.

See iCloud photos in the browser

1. In your browser of selection( Chrome/Safari), head to 2. Sign via iCloud account. 3. Select Photos.

How to access iCloud photos on windows?

Same as the Macbook, you can see the iCloud Images in 2 different places on your Windows PC. 1. Files Explorer 2. Browser.

Still Facing Issue?

1. Check once that you’re running the MacOS  10.10.1 or later 2. Verify-in System Preferences that iCloud Photos is ON.


Verify your Mac/Windows is connected to the proper internet. Make sure your iCloud account is signed in or not.

There are more possible ways?

Yes, there are more possible ways to access iCloud photos. But you need to visit our site. Go through the link below: