How do you backup your iPhone on your MacBook?

Backup is important cause your data holds value and memory for you

You can back up your iPhone images, movies, and other things in a variety of methods. The best and easiest option to backup is to use iCloud.

Using USB

You'll need to connect the two devices directly using a USB connection or converter to back up your iPhone to your MacBook without utilizing iCloud.

Using a cord, connect your iPhone to your MacBook. You may be requested to apply a software update if this is your first time connecting your iPhone to your MacBook. Select Install. Open Finder  

Method-1: usb

Your iPhone should be shown in the sidebar. To begin syncing, click Trust (you'll need to do the same on your iPhone).

Step -2


At the top of the Finder window, select General. Select Back up all of your iPhone data to this Mac. Click Back Up Now

Time is required

After a few hours of waiting, depending on the material on your phone, more data to backup necessitates your patience

Wifi technique

Join your MacBook and iPhone on the same wireless network (wifi) To back up your MacBook, follow these steps. In Finder, select your iPhone and then General. Select Show this iPhone when on Wi-Fi from the Options menu. Apply the changes.

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