How do I get a new Apple ID?

Apple ID is essential to use the services offered by the IOS environment. Let us know how to create it.

Advantages of Apple ID

The Apple ID enables us to enjoy all the Apple services in one environment using a single login credential to log in.

Credentials required to create Apple ID

The requirements to create an Apple ID are full name, date of birth, email address, and phone number.

Apple ID using App store

While setting up or after opening the App Store you can see "Create a Free Apple ID". Click on it to start the process.

Fill the registration form

Now either click on Forgot password or do not have an Apple ID. You will see a registration form to enter the details.

Enter the required details

Type in your birthday or select it from the calendar, enter your name in the name column, and tap next to redirect to another page.

Confirm the Email Address

If you have an email address use it, else tap "Get a free iCloud email address" to get a temporary email from Apple.

Set-up two factor authentication

After providing the email, follow the onscreen steps to verify your email, and set up two-factor authentication for safety measures.

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