How do I connect my Android headphones to my iPhone?

You can use Bluetooth to connect your Android headphones to your iPhone.

Bluetooth services

Bluetooth allows you to connect devices wirelessly over a small distance with ease, and in a simple few steps.

Compatibility with the lightning port

If you want to connect your wired Android headphones with your iPhone, you can check for compatibility with the lightning port.

Wireless connection

If your wired headphones are not compatible with the lightning port, Bluetooth is the only option to connect both handsets.

Setting up the Bluetooth

To connect via Bluetooth, go to the settings menu and turn on the Bluetooth by taping on the toggle.

Recovery mode for the headphones

Place your wireless headphone on the discovery mode to check for the Bluetooth devices near it to connect.

Detect the device on your phone and connect

On your mobile, detect the headphones available and select your handset to pair with the mobile.

Pair the headphones with iPhone

If you don't find it, refresh the connection and try the scanning process again, and pair it with the wireless headphones.

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