Will Aurora Borealis affect Electronic Industry

According to the Space Weather Prediction center On Friday night, there will be a geomagnetic storm Aurora Borealis hitting the earth.

How does it look

Aurora Borealis is also famous as the northern lights. It appears in the sky as Randomly moving waves of light.

Why does it happen

this phenomenon occurs because the earth’s gravitational force changes the direction of the sun’s energized particle towards the south pole.

Aurora Borealis effects on earth's surrounding

These energized particles on the earth’s surface generate electrical currents on a big scale which affects the ionosphere and the earth's ground’s electric field.

Aurora Borealis effects on technology

these aurora particles also disrupt electric lines, communication, and global positioning technologies.

Can our technology handle Aurora Borealis effects

it depends on strength of auroral disturbance if our electrical tools can handle it or not. This auroral disturbance can be powerful enough to even shake the planate’s magnetic field.

How powerful can Auroral disturbance get

If this auroral disturbance is powerful enough then they can even move satellites away from its orbital path.

Aurora phenomenon

this phenomenon looks very beautiful in the sky but it can be very dangerous if it intensifies.

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