Google Docs Updates Emoji Feature- Making it More Convenient

Last year Google announced the release of the emojis into Google docs as per the feedback received.

What is the update?

The recent update lets users include emojis into the documents much easier and in a more convenient way.

How does it work?

The update is you need to type "@" and the emoji name to see a dropdown menu with different emoji options in it.

Another way of using update

To look for much more details in the emojis, the users can add semicolons after "@" as there are other functions with the first one.

Announcement date

The new update will roll out for the users starting August 29, 2022, and from September it will be fully available to the users.

Who can use it?

Google Workspace customers, G suite Basic and Business, and people with personal Google accounts can use the new update.

Reason for the update?

The recent update is included in the docs based on the feedback company received from the users so that they can enhance the experience.

Multi-Skin toned handshakes

Google also introduced multi-skin toned handshake emojis with almost 25 different tones to embrace diversity among people.

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