Fix Swipe up features if not Working in iPhone

While we using Some Tasks in Between we always use swipe up for control centre

Method 1 Enable the Access on the lock screen

Go to the setting->Touch id & Passcode and Enter the Passcode->Click on Control Centre ->TURN ON Access on the lock screen

Method 2 Access of Apps

 Steps Involve in Access of apps: Click on setting ->Control Centre   ->TURN ON access within apps

Method 3  Reset the swipe up features

 Steps Involve  Setting ->control centre->customize controls->tap on remove the Button

Method 4 Restart the phone and reset your setting

 Setting->search in search bar Reset and Tap->reset all setting  ->enter passcode ->confirm

Method 5  Check  IPhone voice over

Setting ->General Setting->Accessibility ->Tap on voice over ->TURN OFF

Method 6 Use Tunenkit IOS Recovery system

Download Tune Kit IOS recovery system from in Your System 

Steps After Installing of Tunekit

After Downloading the Tune-kit open the app->Tap Start->standard mode Here we use the Standard Mode in this we won’t lose the data

Method 7  Factory Data Reset

This step Should last because from this you will lost your all data so use it if above Nothing will work.

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