Does Alexa listen to you when not in use?

If you are wondering whether Alexa always listens to you or not, the short answer is "YES."

To respond to the commands

The reason why Alexa responds to your commands is that it always listens to your voice and responds to it.

Disable the microphone

You can disable the microphone which is responsible for hearing all your voice commands and make it push the button to activate the device.

What's the point of voice assistant

What is the point of having a voice assistant, if you have to push the button every time to activate the device's microphone?

Keyword Spotting technology

Amidst all the conspiracy theories going on, Alexa does not spy on you, it uses "Keyword Spotting" to identify the commands.

Detects only on type to wake

The Echo devices are designed by default to detect only one type of word to wake and everything else is ignored.

Data Privacy on Alexa

Just like everything you search on the internet is tracked, Alexa also collects the data from all your commands and uses them to show ads.

Conclusion about the Spying

However, there's no proof that your Amazon speakers are spying on you and are trying to collect your data except for your search history.

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