Do you know the latest features of the Parler App?

Parler is a famous social media app in the US, which is making its return after 1 and a half years.

Social Media Platform

The app is a free speech platform for people seeking an alternative to regulated platforms like Twitter.

Violent content on the app

The app is removed from the Google play store due to violent police content that led to the attack on the US capitol.

Changes to the app policies

The app is being reintroduced into the play store after it has made changes to its abusive policies.

Reintroduction of the app in Play Store

The new rules comply with the Play Store policies and the tech giant has decided to make it available for the users again.

Parler's Spokesperson Comments

A Parler Spokesperson told, " It has a strong commitment towards free Speech but has to comply to the market duopoly to survive."

Availability through website for download

Anyhow, after the removal from Play Store it was available for download through its website but has not really gained any more attraction.


However, considering the negativity on social media platforms it is mandatory that the social media platform are regulated.

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