Do Win32/Hive.ZY false error in Windows Defender?

Windows users have complained about a virus called Win32/Hive.ZY on their computer screens.

Windows Defender Notification

Windows defender has notified all the users about the virus and Microsoft has claimed that it was a bug and has fixed it.

Inclusion of Malware

The default antivirus has shocked the users with these notifications since the users were unaware of its trespassing into the system.

Commands from the hacker

The reason for the panic is that the notification displayed by the defender says that it is a dangerous program that executes commands from the attacker.

Reappearing of notifications

Even after the antivirus has resolved the issue, similar notifications have reappeared after a minute or two, causing more confusion among users.

Notifications for particular apps

Some users have also complained about the occurrence of the issue and notifications on defender only with particular apps like Chrome, Edge, Spotify, Discord, etc.

False-Positive issue

A moderator has explained that the issue originated in the Security Intelligence Update of Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

Update your device

If you have not updated your device yet, update it or install the "definitions" update from Window's Security App's Virus.

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