Data scientists can mine any data

in this web story, we will see about data scientists and their role in mining data or not.

Who is Data Scientist

An individual utilized to dissect and decipher complex computerized information, for example, the utilization measurements of a site.

What is Data mining

This is the process of collecting valuable information from a large amount of data, typically from a data warehouse or a collection of connected data sets.

What is a Data

Data is a piece of information that has been converted into a well-structured and that is productive for development or handling. 

Data scientists can mine Any data.

No, it can not mine the data because they have different roles in different fields.

It's not risky at all. It requires some rules to understand the procedure for data mining.

Data Mining is risky.

The Best Tools Available for data tools are: PowerBi, Tableau, MongoDB Excel, SAS, etc. Using them you can handle data.

Data tools

Data Mining is to find the data deeply and data scientists organize that data to find the out and produce the result.

Data Mining vs Data Scientist

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