iPhone 14 Pro Vs iPhone 14 Pro Max

Both are the best. we will see some comparisons of these phones in our slide for better understanding.

 iPhone 14 pro

iPhone 14 pro Comes with power-packed performance for users which helps them to do any task

iPhone 14 pro-Max

iPhone 14 pro max is almost similar to 14 pro but there is little difference and it is that it has more number of CPUs.

 Display Differentiation

14 pro and 14 pro max. This phone has a different screen resolution. A 6.1 and 6.7 display with different resolutions.

Which one is a better phone?

Every Apple phone is the best except for its cost but all the phones are built with the best quality material. so, everything is best that apple makes

Hardware System of both phones

Both Phone Content A15 Bionic Chip and it has 6 CPU core and 5 GPU's

Camera, Video recording feature of the phone's

Both the phones have a Dual Camera with the same Mega Pixel of 48 Main and 12 ultra-wide cameras.

Cost Comparision of Both Phones

Their cost is almost 999$ and 1099$. They are costly but worth it.

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