Beware of these free Windows apps- hiding a dangerous secret

Malware that is being spread across devices using free software sites had been identified.

Hides as Google translator or MP3 downloader

The malware activates itself fully after taking control of your whole system as a Google translator or MP3 downloader.

How does it function?

In reality, the malware acts as a form of the blockchain mining software in Windows-based systems, making its way slowly into the device.

Bogus program's existence

The bogus program so far has been discovered in 11 countries and is hiding in plain sight in the form of free software.

Developed by Nitrocode

The malware is developed by Nitrocode, and the free software sites appear to be legit, without any form of suspicion.

Removing the evidence

The apps delay the installation for about a month, this time is used to remove the evidence in the affected device.

PowerShell to clear system logs

After the launch, a legitimate app gets downloaded and the app is capable of clearing all the system logs using the PowerShell commands.

Precautions while downloading free software

So you need to be careful while downloading the free apps on the internet and should not provide any type of permissions until you verify their legitimacy.

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