Battery life on iPhone 14

The battery performance of the iPhone14 is the main topic of this web series. We will discuss Everything related to it.

Battery Life Performance

Apple is known for its poor battery performance and over the years they haven't solved this issue.

Battery for Video Playback

Apple iPhone 14 Comes with 20 hours of video playback. More than other iPhones 

Battery for Audio Playback

Apple iPhone 14 battery has been good for audio playback and has 80 hours of audio playback more than other iPhones.

Battery Capacity?

iPhone Battery capacity is worst and has not been improved much. Every iPhone has a different battery capacity and on one charge you can use up to 6 hours.

Reverse Wireless charging support?

No, iPhone has no Reverse wireless Charging Support. But in the future apple will bring this pattent

What is the Battery level in iPhone

Apple iPhone has certain criteria for battery life. So, if your battery level goes below 80 then you must replace your battery or go for service.

iPhone 14 Charging capacity

It comes with a 4352 mAh battery capacity and that's good that apple has done in this phone

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