Apple VR Headset Gloves with Better Virtual Experience

We might see a sophisticated pair of gloves with the upcoming Apple VR headset in near future.

The design patent

The information was revealed by the tech company after they patented the model at the US patent and trademark Workplace on July 26.

Potential Release date

Though the precise release date of the superior Augmented virtual reality glasses is yet to be announced, people are expecting them to arrive in 2024.

Glove Features

The inclusion of gloves has been an exciting thing for tech enthusiasts, but the ultimate decision of launch is in the hands of Apple itself.

Hand Gestures using the Gloves

The Gloves will allow the users to scroll, open a document, and transfer the cursor using simple hand gestures along with the VR glasses.

Demerits of Gloves

The Company has defined that these gestures nonetheless require skin-to-skin contact, due to this the other hand needs to be used to confirm the actions.

Tech used in the Gloves

To effectively detect the finger using the VR gloves, the company is combining a radio frequency based system with the new tech.

Expected date of release

Though the whole product is yet to undergo manufacturing checks, the device is said to be facing some issues due to the complex design, might release in 2024.

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