Apple TV 4K Details & Price

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This is a 3rd generation Apple Tv that comes with 4k Doldy technology, HDR10+, and many more.

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The TV Packing contains a single Siri Remote and a USB-C Power Cord.

What's in the Box???

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Siri Remote can fully control your Apple Tv 4K in a single touch

Apple Tv 4K works as a smart home hub in which you can connect and control your favorites

The Tv has a storage of 64 GB and also comes with Wi-Fi+Ethernet connectivity.

A user needs a Good TV with HD capability to use Apple TV 4k. Just connect the HDMI cable for streaming

Apple TV 4K base price starts from $129 and goes to $149 for the highest model

Apple Tv also gives you access to Streaming services like Prime Videos, Netflix, TV+ ETC.

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