Apple pay app to process all your payment

Apple pays the one way to pay for all your payment. Your card and cash will be replaced by this payment method. Safe and secure payment gateway.

No need for a card or cash

Apple pay is like a UPI payment gateway and your transactions are cashless and secure. In this digital era, our Card and Cash payment system is degrading and it is good as well

The built-in security

It is safer than any other payment method because first you need to unlock the apple pay app by using your face id or touch and apple did not store any data on its server.

How to set it up?

It's basic. Simply add a card, debit, or prepaid card to the device's Wallet app. Remember to add your cards to any additional Apple devices that will accept Apple Pay.

Any charges for using apple pay?

No, Apple did not charge you a single penny for using its app.

How you can use apple pay

You can use apple pay everywhere to purchase any item in-store or in online shopping.

Disadvantages of using apple pay

Everything has its advantage and disadvantage. Vulnerability to a cyberattack is often.

Difference between Apple wallet and apple pay

Apple wallet is used to store data of your bank cards like credit and debit cards and Apple pay is the platform to pay for something.

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