Apple iPod Design and Features

Apple iPod is the first virtual music tool that a person would enjoy every day. This story will tell you everything about iPod

When and how did apple build the first iPod?

The First version of apple Pod was released on 23 October 2010. Apple partnered with a company called Portal player to make the first iPod.

Market player before apple iPod

Before Apple iPod, there were two know companies which have developed portable music players by Sony Walkman and Saehan Information Systems.

What are the hardware components of the Apple iPod?

Different hardware has been used by apple in its iPod. For the first iPod, apple used Two ARM 7TDMI CPUs. 

What is the use of the iPod?

The iPod, like any other IOS device that allows you to listen to music. You have the option of listening to Apple Music, syncing music from your Mac or PC.

Types of Accessories for iPod

So many Accessories has been released when the apple iPod series had come. iPod Hi-Fi and iPod socks are popular tools made by apple.

Impact on industries due to this product

The iPod has earned a reputation in the market as a respected entertainment gadget as well as a business device. iPod is among popular in education as well.

Why iPod is so Popular among People

However with the iTunes music management software. Although it was solely accessible to Mac users, the iPod was the best-selling mp3 player of all time.

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