Apple iPhone 14 the Genius.

The newly launched iPhone14 is Genius in its terms and this web story is all about it.

Why we are calling this masterpiece a Genious

iPhone 14 have the best feature among all other iPhone. The best technology is fitted in this iPhone. Apple solved their different problem through this iPhone.

All about iPhone 14 Dynamic island

This is the new feature of Apple that surprised Everyone. it is a very cool feature that was introduced by apple. This feature adjusts itself according to the app which you are using.

iPhone14 is different from other iPhones

This iPhone Comes with a new feature that other iPhones don't have. iPhone 14 design is also unique from other iPhones as well

Newly iPhone impression among people

This iPhone surprised people when the event launched because no one expect that this iPhone will come with a dynamic island or many other features.

iPhone14 or iPhone14 pro?

Both the iPhones are same but the prices are different and the screen is also big in 14 pro.

Price Comparisons of iPhone 14

For the First time, the apple did not increase the price of the iPhone14. the price is almost the same as iPhone13

iPhone 14 Launch event details

The event goes on air on 7 September and as usual, apple delivered their best in the event. overall the event is good

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