Apple announces a serious security flaw, here's how to protect your data.

Apple announced that it found a serious security issue in its software on all the devices.

What is the issue?

These are serious vulnerabilities that could let malicious hackers have control of your iPhone, iPad, or iMac.

How to address the issue?

Apple requested all its users to update their phones to the latest versions to avoid being affected by these flaws in security.

Vulnerabilities to the users

The company identified two vulnerabilities, one affects the browser engine that powers Safari and other apps, and the second would potentially allow hackers full access to the devices.

Devices vulnerable to the flaws

The affected Apple devices include iPhone 6 and later models, iPad 5th gen and later, iPad Air 2, all iPad Pro models, and macOS computers.

Impersonate the user

The hackers can take control of the devices and impersonate the owners using this flaw in the software.

What if already been breached?

So in any unfortunate case, if your devices have been breached, you should freeze the credit and other essential personal things that are associated with your Apple ID.

Other cautions

Other cautions include contacting Apple customer support, changing the passwords, and getting a password manager to keep track of it.

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