All about Android 

Android is an operating system based on Linux that is open source as well. Android was first revealed in 2007.

Let's see the history of android

Android has been founded in California in 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich miner, and two more. The company's initial plans were to create an enhanced operating system for digital cameras.

Android application basics

Android is basically made for smartphones or PC. its applications are based on apps, mobiles, pc devices.

Do you know about the hardware of android 

ARM is the main and important hardware for android. it is considered of much other hardware like GPS, Sensors, and touchscreen

Malware in android

Malware is unsafe or unwanted software that tends to harm your device or Pc. Other malware distributes personal details to unauthorized parties or shows unwelcome and obtrusive adverts on the device.

Let's see some cool features of android

Many features of Android are there but I will show you some good features here. Like, you can control a smart home device, and edit text from a clipboard.

Purpose of android

Android is indeed a powerful application framework that allows us to build new mobile apps and games in a Java language environment.

Comparison b/w android and iOS

Android is infinitely greater at app management, enabling you to put key apps on home screens while hiding less useful apps in the app drawer.

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