AirPods Max- Hidden specification revealed in just 1 min

We are going to abstract all the hidden specifications of Airpods max.

An excellent credit of exciting audio of AirPods

very good audio due to excellent noise cancellation

Sound like Theater 

The Sound System of Airpods is fantastic and you just feel like sitting in the theatre

Why we use Sensors? 

highly sensitive sensors are used like light sensors, space sensors to every ear cup 

Microphones used in Airpods

the microphone is used to enhance the voice quality and cancel noise  total 9 are used

Features of Airpods?

-Digitally Crown shape to control the volume - Size ( 3.28-6.64 inches) and Weight ( 384 gram Approx) -Bluetooth 5.0 is used

Battery Always  Matters

> up to 20 hours with without heating > On single Charge used approx 1 day with continuous used with internet > charge rate is very high only 5-minute charge use 1.5 hours

System Requirements is Important Factor ! Yes 

Apple Airpods Max used the latest version of iOS, which make it more powerful!

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