A Short History Of the Internet

In this web story we will see when the Internet was invented

When Was The Internet Invented? 

Popularly, the year 1983 is considered the birth year of the Internet

The Mind Behind The Internet

Credit for its invention can not be given to a single person as it was the collective contribution of many minds 


Arpa was a military-based venture which created a computer network called ARPANET to connect government agencies

Packet Switching

Soon after ARPANET scientists created a way to transfer data which was known as Packet Switching

Father Of The Internet

Vinton Cerf along with Robert Cahn created a standard model for data transfer known as TCP/IP

World Wide Web

Tim Berners Lee created the "WWW" to standardize the protocols for the Web

First Search Engine

The first search engine was "Archie" created as a post-graduation project

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