Virus on Android

Virus on Android: If you want to know about Virus on android and Malware, which are present in your phone. If you want some of the ways to protect your device from them, then you have come to the right place. Here we discuss about concern topic and all steps for checking along with get rid of these viruses in Android.

Is the major virus a threat to your phone?

You should think that if your phone contains a virus, then it is a significant thing to worry about. There must be very precious and essential data on your phone in the form of images, videos as well as some other files. Also, you must have heard of many cases rising in the smartphone industry. So, we can say that it is one of the most rising threats in our world.

The person who is sitting behind your screen and hacking your phone may be hazardous because it will steal your information regarding many important things and also can damage your personal life. These harmful things are known as the viruses prevailing on your Android device. It will really kick your essential things out of your life.

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Does Android Virus really exist?

Let’s define the proper meaning of the Android Virus. If we talk according to the old PC world, a program that makes his duplicate if it is attached to another file or program. The person who spreads these programs intentionally or to steal information from other persons is known as hacker. These hackers just use this method for their purpose of robbery or maybe some time for spreading fake news.

These viruses are used for harming the internal software of our device and known as malicious software known as Malware prevailing in our devices. This exists only in PC. But if we talk about the Android devices, then there is no existance of the virus which is capable of replicating itself. But there exist different types of Malware.

If we talk in technical language, then we can say that malicious software is not basically a virus.

Android Malware

The proper description given for the word Malware is malicious software. This type of software is designed for a special task which is illegal in nature. By using this software, a person can steal some of the private information or the accounts of any other user. It can also be used for the robbery or scam related to money.

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These types of software are generally used for stealing the passwords or the bank account numbers for the money related things.They are used for the false charges against any person or knowing the location of the person without his permission.

What are the ways from which any malware can enter my phone?

For this purpose, we will take some of the results of the survey that was taken by the Lookout organization under Mobile Security in the year 2012. In this survey, one of the main things that come out: the behavioral change of the user or the person effects by fear of Malware.

In current date, if we talk about the safest thing, to download the apps from the reputed store. For Android, it’s the Google Play Store, which also comes with the additional feature of security check. The scammers take the support of the innocent-looking apps in any other application store.

They just attach the Malware with this app. When you install this application, this Malware will also install in your device with this application. Also, you must take care that if you are planning to download any of the apps or games from any random Chinese app store, then the first thing it is aright or not.

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To remain safe from Malware

If you install this app, then you can notice that the app works typically as they are mentioned, but the main thing goes on inside your PC because of any unknown malware attached to it. These kinds of apps will start softly, but after a certain period, they just do some of the wrong stuff on your device.

This might well appear after any software update. Also note that after stopping the download, the risk never becomes less. There can be possibilities that if you are surfing any website, then also these malicious files can be secretly downloaded. If you use Lookout premium in your device, then these risks get minimized or may be canceled. 

But also, you must take care that not to download any file from your browser to download the manager. In this situation, there is also the risk of losing out.

How to protect Android devices??

For dealing with the viruses in your Android device or to lessen the risk of entering Malware to your device, here are some of the tips which you must follow. 

  • The first tip is that you can download any security app like Lookout application for tracking these harmful viruses before they harm your Android device. You can download it from Google Play Store from the link
  • The second tip is that please ensure that you must download the app or any game from a reputed Store.
  • The other advantage that you get after downloading this application is that it will track every new application that is being recently downloaded from any of the means. Also, it will examine the previously downloaded application in your Android phone or tablet.
  • Although you get the help of this application, you should download the apps from the trusted source, and also you should check the ratings and reviews of that particular application.
  • So, in short, if you follow these specific rules in your Android device, you must get the advantage of that, and it will help to stay out of the reach of the virus.
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Types of Malware and viruses

As we know that Malwares are nothing but Malicious software. This software can take place inside your Android device. These are designed for doing harm to your device. This Malware includes computer worms, ransomware, spyware, Trojans, viruses, etc. The person who uses such Malware for some wrong purpose, known as Cyber criminals.

These Cyber criminals use Malware to steal the important and crucial data of the user. They can use your personal information for doing scams and maybe a fraud. Viruses are simply the Malware that simply infiltrates the programs inside your device or the device. These criminals just install this software to your device without your consent.

Then these viruses are capable of installing malicious codes to your device and may affect your online activities.

Effect of viruses and Malware in Android device

Cybercriminals generally design the Malware for earning money. This Malwareis capable of doing many harmful things like they can steal your private information or can send SMS from your device to the premium services or can install the adware that will be responsible for showing some random webpages related to that adware.SMS – Short Message Service

These criminals can also get to your contacts list and maybe steal them. They can know your location as well as the passwords of different accounts without your consent. With the help of this Malware, they can sell the stolen information on the dark web. They can also use the ransomware for locking your devices as well as locking of accounts.

After doing these activities, they can demand ransom in order to return access to your device or accounts.

Signs to check the presence of Malware

Phones running on Android may get affected externally or internally. You can see the damages done externally, but you can’t see the internal damages because they are hidden from the view of the user. The main types of viruses are Malware, which does the same things in a repeated manner. But for doing these functions, they need the resources.

The signs that you can see while there is any malware present are as follows: _

  1. The phone works very slow.
  2. While you open any app, it will take a longer time to open as compared to a reasonable time.
  3. As compared to the typical battery life, the battery drains faster.
  4. You can see a higher number of pop-up ads.
  5. You can see some of the apps which never be downloaded on your phone.
  6. The data usage remains unexplained.
  7. If you are a prepaid user, then you can observe that the plan goes empty before the expected date. If you are a post-paid user, then you can notice that the number of phone bills increases.
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Checking of Malware and Viruses

The best way of checking any of Malware is to go for an Antivirus Scan in your Android device. This can be possible after purchasing any of the Antivirus available for Android devices. But before purchasing and downloading any of the Antivirus, you must check about its reviews, ratings. It should be applicable and supportive to your Android device.

In the market, there are many Antivirus available. Some of them are free, or some of them are to be purchased. But you should note that before purchasing any Antivirus, you must do research on that product and compare it with other options available in the market.


In this article, we discuss many things like what are viruses as well as Malware. How can we deal with them also the ways to check whether they exist on your device or not?Also, we discuss some of the ways that we can follow to get rid of these harmful things and also the different options of Antivirus available in the market and how to choose the best one out of it for one’s Android device.