vex input error lightfall

VEX is a high-performance expression language that is utilized extensively in Houdini, including the creation of shaders. VEX evaluation is often quite efficient, producing results comparable to generated C/C++ code. It is not a replacement for scripting, but rather a more compact and efficient general-purpose language for creating shaders and custom nodes. VEX is partly based on the C programming language, but it also borrows elements from C++ and the RenderMan shading language. This error notice typically comes when you attempt to play any game-related vex enemy-related activity. This error’s precise cause is unknown, and the Bungie Help pages make no mention of it. You can also get vex input error resetting vex lock. The likely cause of this error, though, is a problem with the connection between players’ devices and the Destiny 2 servers.

vex input error lightfall

What’s new in Destiny 2?

Bungie’s latest Destiny 2 expansion kicks off the shared-world shooter’s sixth year of content with a bang, making it one of the year’s biggest new titles and a must-play FPS game. Destiny 2 Lightfall introduces a slew of new features, balancing adjustments, and quality-of-life changes, making it a substantia l refresh for one of the finest FPS games in recent memory, as well as being jam-packed with new content. Loadouts, a big mod makeover, difficulty upgrades, and weapon crafting adjustments will drastically alter how players create their Guardians, and Guardian Ranks with commendations will be a new method for players to connect and learn everything there is to know about Destiny 2.

Where is VEX utilized? 

VEX is utilized in various places in Houdini, including:

  • Mantra utilizes VEX for all shading computations. This comprises shaders for light, surface, displacement, and fog.
  • Composition – You may develop complicated custom COPs in VEX using the VEX Generator and VEX Filter COPs. The expressions run 1000s of times quicker than the Pixel Expression COP and evaluate extremely near to C/C++ rates.
  • Particles – The POP VOP lets you accomplish practically anything that POPs can do. It is feasible to construct a single VEX function that performs the function of several POPs. Because the VEX code is limited to a single operator, it usually runs quicker than a network of POPs.
  • Modeling – You may use the VEX SOP to create a custom surface node that manipulates point properties. This can move points, modify velocities, and change colors. You may also group points and do a variety of other helpful functions. VEX SOPs are often 10 times quicker than point SOPs.
  • CHOPs – The VEX CHOP allows you to create your CHOPs. The CHOP functions can handle an infinite number of input channels and process channel data in an infinite number of ways. In some circumstances, VEX code can outperform compiled C++ code.
  • Fur – VEX is used to develop procedural fur behavior.

Destiny 2: LightFall

A powerful evolution pack for Bungie’s first-person shooter video game Destiny 2 is known as Lightfall. It was published on February 28, 2023, as the seventh addition and the sixth year of Destiny 2’s comprehensive content. The expansion follows the exiled Cabal emperor Calus, now a Disciple of the Witness, as he, the Witness, and their army of Shadow Legion Cabal and Tormentors attack the hidden, technologically advanced human metropolis of Neomuna on Neptune on their way to the Last City, heralding a second Collapse. Lightfall introduced new objectives, Player versus Environment locales, Player vs Player maps, player equipment, weaponry, and a new raid.

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During the year, two new dungeons and a replayed raid from either the original Destiny or one previously removed from Destiny 2 will be published. Season of Defiance, which is accessible alongside the expansion, Season of the Deep in May 2023, followed by two nameless seasons in Autumn 2023 and Winter 2023-2024, respectively, will be published throughout Year 6 of the game.

What is the Input Error in Destiny 2: Lightfall?

The error message “vex input error ” has been viewed by gamers. This error notice typically comes when you attempt to play any game-related vex enemy-related activity. This problem, however, is most likely caused by connectivity troubles between players’ devices and Destiny 2 servers. While this is a user and Bungie problem, specific remedies may still assist players in eliminating this vexing input mistake. There is no permanent fixture for Destiny 2’s vex input problem. You may use specific tried-and-true error-resolution techniques:

How to fix vex input error lightfall

Solution 1: Verify if Destiny 2 servers are operational

The first thing you should do if you get the vex input issue in Destiny 2. There is little you can do if the servers are offline. To verify the status of the server, go to Bungie’s website and look for any news or updates on this vex input problem. If there are any updates regarding maintenance or downtime, players can visit the Bungie website or social media. Also, they can look at external websites that track server status, like DownDetector.

Solution 2: Examine your Internet Connectivity Check

To see that your internet connection is steady and operational. You may also see whether you have an active membership to a VPN service since this could be the source of the problem. You may also restart your router to clear its cache and enhance speed. Players may want to try emptying the console cache or if they’re using a Computer, the download cache if the issue persists. Restarting the internet modem and/or router may solve the issue. See whether our suggestions for lowering packet loss and latency are of any help.

Solution 3: Restart Your Game

Restart your game to check if this resolves the vex input error. Restarting your console or PC may also assist in stabilizing your connection to Destiny 2 servers. Your account will always have a gaming history that will have an impact on the game, although you can delete characters and empty your vault but not all characters at once. You also require at least one character to be active in an active account. This is especially true now that Bungie is keeping note of the things you locate for the new Collections system.

Solution 4: Do an antivirus scan

Your software may identify the game files as harmful. Do a comprehensive scan on your computer to confirm the files are secure and aren’t creating any issues. Players of Destiny 2 on PC could run into a problem where Windows Defender falsely reports some Destiny 2 files as being infected with malware while running a scan. We looked into this matter and can reassure gamers that downloading and installing Destiny 2 files straight from Steam and the Microsoft Store poses no security risk. Gamers that run upon this problem ought to:

  • Users can update Windows Defender’s virus definitions:
  • Try deleting the cache for their Steam downloads. Please go to Valve’s Clear Download Cache knowledge base article for instructions.
  • Gamers should report this problem to the #PCSupport forum if they still experience it.
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Few more tips to fix the input error code in Destiny 2 Lightfall

The Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2 is currently accessible. Gamers are eager to visit Neomuna and try out a brand-new subclass named Strand after months of anticipation. There is a good chance that players will run into issues given the launch’s scope. Each of these circumstances has an error code that Bungie has issued, which will help with general debugging. One of the most typical error codes in Destiny 2 is a vex input error code. According to the Bungie support page, this error number is used to identify issues with the game files themselves.

Usually, this issue arises on update days. The Vex input error code appears when you attempt to start Destiny 2 without the most recent update. The majority of platforms, like Steam and Epic Games, have the auto-update feature already turned on. Although the option may be enabled and on, there is a chance that the download won’t start right away. Following are some steps you should take to address and resolve this issue:

  1. Log out of the game and then restart the store client you’re using (Steam or Epic Games Store). 
  2. If the above approach does not work, check the integrity of your Destiny 2 files. After a brief verification procedure, this should initiate the download.

How to fix Vex input error code on consoles

When it comes to consoles, the general approach differs slightly. Here’s what you need to do to resolve this problem number on PlayStation and Xbox:

  • PlayStation 5
  1. Open your PlayStation Network account and log in.
  2. Move the mouse pointer over the Destiny 2 icon under the Games tab.
  3. Press the settings button on your controller.
  4. Choose Check for Update from the menu that appears.
  • Sony PlayStation 4
  1. Open your PlayStation Network account and log in.
  2. Use the D-pad on your controller device to access the notifications menu.
  3. Choose the Update Files for Destiny option under the Downloads menu to have the latest version.
  • Xbox
  1. Access your Microsoft account.
  2. Look for the My Games and Apps tab in the Xbox Home menu and select it.
  3. On the next screen, pick the Manage and Update option, followed by the Destiny game icon.
  4. After the update is finished, restart your xbox console before login into the game and this should work.

Here are all the solutions to the Vex input error code problem in Destiny 2 Lightfall. If the problem persists, visit the official Bungie forums for more information and potential solutions.

Contexts of Vex Language:

VEX programs are created for a specific purpose. For example, a shader that controls an object’s surface color is created for the surface context. For the light context, a shader that determines the illuminance of light is written. And For the chop context, a VEX application that produces or filters channel data is developed. Which functions, statements, and global variables are available are determined by the context.

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  • The standard C statements are supported by VEX. It also enables shading-specific expressions like illuminance and collects loops, which are only usable in specified circumstances.

Built-In Functions:

  • VEX has a big built-in function library. Certain functionalities are only available in specific situations.

User-Defined Functions:

  • Functions are defined in the same way as C functions: state the return type, function name, and parenthesized list of arguments, followed by the code block.
  • Parameters of the same type can be declared in a comma-separated list without the type being expressed again. A semi-colon must be used to separate further arguments.

Main (context) function:

  • This function usually handles data and updates global variables. The return statement does not  return the value of the context function. The context pages contain a list of the global variables that are attainable and available in each context.


  • When the types on the operator’s left and right sides match, the comparison operators for strings, floats, and integers are defined. Integer types are created by the operations.
  • The string matching operator (=) is defined when a string is present on both sides of the operator. Its use is comparable to applying the match function on those two values.


After reading this article, you will be able to tackle all Destiny light fall-related issues. This error notice typically comes when you attempt to play any game-related vex enemy-related activity. This error’s the precise cause is unknown, and the Bungie Help pages make no mention of it. The likely cause of this error, though, is a problem with the connection between players’ devices and the Destiny 2 servers. 


Why are there so many Destiny 2 problem codes?

Getting the same error codes repeatedly suggests that a player is most likely experiencing a single fundamental problem. The disconnects might be caused by corrupted data in the Destiny installation or an unstable source in the player’s network settings.

How can I resolve Destiny 2 issue codes?

To resolve the issue, first ensure that you are connected to the Internet, then try resetting the router. If it isn’t enough, enter your router’s settings and enable the UPnP option. Disabling Assigned Games & Apps and Enhanced Security in your network settings may also be beneficial.

Why do I constantly receive the Destiny 2 problem codes?

This might be due to ISP troubles, packet loss, complications with diverse network gear, Wi-Fi malfunctions, or other factors affecting overall connection stability. To exclude any extraneous influences, we recommend that gamers first confirm their current connection is functioning properly.