What is causing Verizon LTE Not Working

This could sound extremely unusual these days not to be able to phone or text whenever you want because we have all grown accustomed to having constant connectivity. Networks like Verizon offer service to a lion’s share of the country. Therefore, it might be quite puzzling if you suddenly lose service while not completely out in nature. One would anticipate that these kinds of issues should be an occurrence of the past considering that Verizon provides one of the most dependable networks available. Verizon is among the most reliable and effective networks, although mistakes can still happen occasionally.

I experienced the same problem, and to fix Verizon LTE, I have attempted and tried every remedy. I choose to solve this issue on my own after encountering the same difficulty with Verizon LTE. And, I looked into the problem to find a solution. I read user forums, technical publications, and Verizon’s official Support page for a long period while researching this issue. Finally, I was able to resolve this issue with my Verizon LTE after trying numerous approaches and finding success with a few of them.

Verizon LTE Not Working

How does Verizon 4G LTE work?

In a nutshell, 4G LTE is a phrase that refers to the kind of wireless connectivity that underpins Verizon’s national network, the biggest and most dependable network adapter throughout the United States. You are using 4G LTE whenever you are accessing wireless data on a Verizon device, whether you are downloading files, watching a streaming video, browsing the web, or checking your email. What does the term “4G LTE” mean in addition? Fourth generation long-term evolution, also known as 4G LTE, is a shorthand for the phrase. Consequently, it combines two terms. The fourth era of mobile telecommunications, or “4G,” is the biggest development since 3G.

Why Is Verizon LTE Unavailable?

Undoubtedly among the most significant events in our lives has been the advent of the internet. The majority of people use it for leisure and amusement, but other individuals depend on it for their work, careers, and businesses. However, the internet would not always be accessible to you, despite how unfortunate it may seem. Sometimes, it might not load properly or perform as intended.  Frankly, Verizon is not the root of this problem’s most dominant causes. Rather, it can just be a case of a few inaccurate phone settings. This sort of thing happens repeatedly because it is actually easy to make a mistake while updating your settings.

Fortunately, this signifies that rectifying it should be uncomplicated. Hence, the preferably you should do if your 4G LTE network is consistently serving up is to make certain your Wi-Fi facility is turned off. Make sure your WiFi is off and your data is correctly enabled before attempting to repair Verizon LTE problems. Restarting your smartphone, entering Airplane mode, and turning it on and off, as well as removing and reinstalling your SIM card, are additional ways to solve the issue.

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Do you have any additional queries and are you seeking for more answers to the Verizon LTE problem?

A handful of the most frequent causes are listed below:

  • Service upset or maintenance are a couple of the most frequent causes.
  • APN setting issues.
  • Your data package or plan has been exceeded.
  • problems with the SIM card.
  • problems with the reception.

The most frequent errors that could prevent you from connecting with your Verizon LTE are those listed above. Don’t worry if you lack the necessary IT skills. It’s not really necessary for you to be a professional to solve this problem. The methods that are described below are quite simple to comprehend, and you may use them on your own regardless if you possess zero knowledge of how networks or mobile data are internally organized.

What are the solutions that must be tried in order to solve the difficulties I am having with LTE?

Activate WiFi Off

Turning off your WiFi and making sure that it is not set up to automatically connect with your WiFi network would be the first potential solution if you have observed that Verizon LTE is not functioning. Moreover, as most devices are configured to use WiFi anytime available, you won’t be able to get connected to an LTE network if WiFi is activated.

Data Activation

It is necessary to enable your device’s data service or cellular network in order to access the LTE network. Typically, you can accomplish this by using the quick dropdown list. Moreover, you can go to “Settings” and turn on “Cellular” to use mobile data, but the exact steps will depend on the kind of device you have and how it was manufactured.

Switch Off Your Device

Restarting your device is one of the greatest ways to solve tech issues, like Verizon LTE not continuing to work, since it can clear away network setting issues and hiccups.

Turn on and off airplane mode. Airplane mode can be turned on and off to try to solve this issue, but you need to pause between fifteen and thirty seconds between each switch. Additionally, switching Airplane mode from on to off should indeed be performed at least twice or three times. If data is turned off, you should turn it back on as it will probably regain the LTE signal. 

Replacing the SIM Card

If you’ve discovered that Verizon LTE isn’t working, it’s possible that your SIM card is to blame. In this case, reinstalling your SIM card into your phone may help to resolve the problem. However, when removing the SIM card, take care not to touch the gold points of contact. Carefully reinstall the SIM, trying to make sure the notches on the SIM and within the port are lined up. Before inserting it again, you should also make sure that your SIM card is in good working order and that there aren’t any cracks or other damages because those could affect your connection.

Change the SIM Card

If you accomplished the stage above that and discovered that the SIM card has a crack or bend, swapping the SIM card could be able to fix the problems preventing your Verizon LTE from functioning. The best course of action is to purchase a new SIM via Verizon but also change it to see if it resolves the issue because you will not want to attempt to insert a shattered SIM into your smartphone.

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Reset network configuration

If indeed the Verizon LTE isn’t functioning, you must try to reset your network configuration to see if that solves the issue. If you follow the instructions below, it’s simple to do so:

  • Visit your device’s “Settings” menu.
  • Choose either “System” or “General Management.”
  • Search for the “Reset” choice.
  • Go to “Reset Network Settings
  • Your passcode might need to be entered if necessary.
  • Validate the network reset
  • The reboot of your device
  • Check to check if LTE is now operational once again.

Analyze Verizon outages

A simple cure for Verizon LTE not functioning would be to utilize Down Detector to check if there is an outage. There can be times when the LTE network is affected by an issue with an outage. The only thing you can do is wait for Verizon to restore service when there is a reported outage that prevents LTE from functioning.

Place yourself somewhere else

You might be beyond the coverage region if Verizon LTE isn’t functioning for you; in this case, you’ll need to relocate to another site to check for a signal. Go outside and check if it resolves the issue, for instance, if you’re inside a building where interference may be the cause of the phone losing connection.

Make sure that your equipment is LTE compatible.

Verizon LTE might not be functioning for a variety of reasons, including the possibility that your smartphone is unsuitable for the LTE network (this could occur if you have a new 5G-only gadget or an outdated 3G device). Additionally, you must check that your device is set to the appropriate preferred network; for example, if you own a 5G device but reside in an area where 5G isn’t yet accessible, the network setting should be 4G LTE. However, check to ensure LTE is indeed a preference for your smartphone.

The majority of devices should identify and change to a preferred network automatically; you shouldn’t have to actively change it. Having said that, the majority of devices should recognize and automatically switch to the chosen network, so make damn sure that LTE is indeed an alternative for your smartphone before you try to manually change it.

Telephone Verizon

You should get in touch with Verizon if you’re still having trouble accessing that same Verizon LTE network since it might be a problem with your account, problem with your payment, or a problem with a faulty gadget. For additional help, get in touch with Verizon Customer Service. Additionally, Verizon might ask you to visit the store to see whether your device can be mended or whether you need a new one.

Ans: They are engaged in pushing the business in the establishment of 5G as Verizon keeps enhancing its 4G LTE network. If 4G changed the way we utilize wireless technology, 5G will be utterly revolutionary.

Autonomous vehicles, smart cities, immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences, and the expansion of the Internet of Things (I.o.T) are all things that were previously impossible, even with the incredible speed of 4G LTE, thanks to the low latency and vast bandwidth of 5G. However, this does not imply that 4G will disappear. In fact, Verizon anticipates that for a certain time to come, its 4G LTE network will serve as its foundation. For the foreseeable future, 5G will coexist with 4G LTE while being deployed incrementally, city by city. Get in touch with the support

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It is preferable to speak with Verizon directly if none of the aforementioned fixes are successful for you. On the Verizon Official Support Page, you may get in touch with customer service. Verizon will discover a solution to the LTE problems.

How Do I Restart My LTE?

Simply go to “Settings” on your device, pick “Network and Internet,” and then select “Mobile Network” to switch back to 4G as your preferred network type. Nevertheless, according to the kind of device you use and the brand of your phone, there may be different processes to follow. Additionally, you may just enable mobile data from the menu located at the forefront of your device, which could link you to a 4G LTE network immediately.


One of the top services among the networks now in use is offered by Verizon LTE. Even better, you may read the texts you received from Verizon online. Any network is still susceptible to faults, but they are much more easily fixed than you might have imagined. Your SIM card, network settings, or signal strength may all be at fault. After using all of the fixes listed above, let’s say you’re still at a loss for words. In that scenario, you should get in touch with Verizon because they can give you specific advice on how to fix the problem. Try each of the tried-and-true techniques on the list above to quickly solve your LTE. Go over each one carefully.

Frequently asked questions

On Verizon, how do I turn on LTE?

According to the directions, insert the SIM card and battery.
turn on your smartphone.
Switch it on once it has finished charging.
As soon as you turn on the phone, LTE is activated.
Make sure the data mode is activated.

Why did Verizon stop letting me make LTE calls on my profile?

There is absolutely no reason to panic; this issue can only be brought on for a brief period of time by an LTE coverage fault.
your phone, restart it
Network configuration changes
Reinstall your SIM card.

How do I restore my Verizon phone to the nearby towers?

Ans: Several easy steps are required to complete it;
The “Settings” application should be opened on your smartphone.
“About Phone” should be selected.
Simply select “UPDATE”
To update the PRL, choose it.
The phone will prompt you to reset it; click OK.
Rebooting of your mobile device
For Verizon cell phones to reconnect to nearby towers, the P.R.L (Preferred Roaming List) must be updated.

How can my Verizon network be reset?

To reestablish the Verizon network, adhere to these instructions:
the “Settings” app, and then
Select RESET from the menu.
To reset the network, select it.
Put in the necessary PIN, and LTE will work now.