Transfer photos from android to mac

Transfer photos from android to mac

How to Transfer Photos from android to mac? There are many ways in which you can transfer photos and files from your android device to your Mac. Everyone who bought Mac may not have the iPhone to share the file simply. The various process is discussed below, and they may be either wired or wireless according to their need they required tools.

Using Android File Transfer(Wired)

To sum up, To share the files between the android and Mac, first, you need to download the Android file transfer software in the Mac by searching on the browser or examine the word Android file transfer application on google or paste the URL in any of the browsers.

Now download it from the website and make sure that it is supported because it supports sonly the macOS which is 10.7 or higher. Once it is downloaded, grab the USB cable that supported by your phone and make sure that if an adapter is needed to connect to your Mac since the latest Mac comes with the type-C port, insert the cable into Mac one end.

In contrast, the other end is inserted into the phone. Now unlock your phone and drag the notification panel and set the USB option to file transfer. After that, a window will pop up on the Mac showing the folders in the phone, select DCIM and select the photos to drag them to any of destination on your Mac.

                 If the Mac doesn’t recognize the phone even after it is connected. Sometimes it happens when developer options are turned off. To turn them on the go to the setting of your phone navigate to about phone and tap kernel version several times.

Until it shows you the developer options are enabled, Now come back on settings and search developer option and turn it as well as USB debugging on there you go it’s done.

More support:

Using Dr.Fone

When things don’t work for you when the android file transfer showing that there is no android device is detected when your android phone is connected to your Mac.

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Then just turn the developer options on as well as the USB debugging on. Then connect your device when it is showing allow permission, then let them for the authorities.

The DR.Fone tool has a lot of options, not just transferring files to your MacBook, and you can even recover device and backup phone and lot more. You can also unlock your phone using it when you forget the lock.

Select the transfer option in there and it will load sometime showing up connected in the toolbar there are options showing what you want to share like videos, photos

In the pictures, the menu selects all the images that you wish to and right-click on them, and you will see the option that exports to Mac; this is very simple than any other software.

Hand Shaker (Wired)

If you are preferred to use the wired connection and want to share the things faster over the wire, take a look at Handshaker.

Install the software application using the link

Launch it and connect your device. Now the Handshaker installs an app on your phone. Once it is done, simply connect the android device to the Mac. You will be able to see all the files in the Handshaker app, and You can easily copy and paste the data between the two devices.

At the same time, the speed of transfer is decent enough over a cable; it is an excellent app with a simple interface. But sometimes when you don’t have cable or when there is time you don’t deal with cable.

Airdroid (Wireless)

When you don’t want to install any app on your Mac, but just only on the phone. Then Airdroid app works well for yousince it comes with the web interface as well. Download and install the Airdroid app in the android and launch it you will see the IP address on the top of the app.

  1. Simply launch any browser on your Mac and navigate to the IP address, and you will be asked to accept the connection on the android accept it.
  2. Now you are connected and can transfer the files across them and drag them directly to any of your mac folders. It is quite simple.
  3. There are also a lot more features like call logs and messages and screenshots etc.

SHAREit (Wireless)

If Airdroid is not your liking, then there is an app called SHAREit, which transfers the files seamlessly without any wired connection.

To clarify, It is the most trusted app to transfer files among different devices currently. It works on creating Wi-Fi hotspots on devices and connecting them to others using Wi-Fi. Launch share it on both android devices and Mac as well.

  1. On the android device, tap on send if you want to transfer the files from android to Mac. Tap receive if you desire to receive the files from the Mac to android.
  2. After that, tap on connecting to PC and scan to communicate while the QR code is shown in the Mac, there you go, you will be connected and ready to share the files you want like photos and videos, etc.
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If you are using the ES file explorer in the android device then it is quite easy to transfer the files across the Mac and android this uses the wireless connection to get started follow the steps

  1.  Launch the terminal on the Mac and enter the command to create FTP server

sudo –s launchctlload –w/System/Library/LaunchDeamons/ftp.plist

  1. After typing the command, you will be asked to enter your MacBook password that you used to login after it boots up and hit enter again.
  2. Now you have created an FTP server on the Mac before you connect it to the android you need to know the IP address of the Mac.
  3. Press and hold the option key and press on the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar you will see the IP address here.
  4. Tap the setting or the three-line icon on the ES File Explorer and go to FTP under networks tap on new and fill the details you created FTP server.
  5. You will be asked to enter the username and password for the MacBook and tap on ok, and you will be connected to it.
  6. Now you can copy and paste the files between the android and Mac.

Commander One

If you want an even more efficient way to connect in a professional tool for Android phones on Mac. You should try Commander One.

  That is to say, It provided with the dashboard where you can perform a variety of actions, and you can quickly copy files like photo and video by setting up an FTP file server across the devices and transfers files with ease. Along with it will offer you a wide selection of keyboard shortcuts. You can customize them according to your preference.

Using Drive(Google)

Moreover, The cloud by Google, which is the most trusted storage for the users to store their photos and videos up to 15 GB provided. So, You can do save them on the google drive, which comes default with the Android OS and now open the link shared by the folder of images or photos that you want to transfer them into Mac.

Simply you can go to any browser in the Mac paste the link or type google drive and open your folder and download them.             

This cost the internet data more since you need to download them and upload them from the android device.

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Using Samsung Smart Switch

Consequently, The Samsung smart switch is one of the best data transfer applications, which is developed by the Samsung Company to transfer files like photos and videos, etc. It supported various file types including messages and call logs and all media files

 It can transfer files either in a wired manner or wirelessly

  1. First of all, download the Samsung Smart Switch for Mac. Launch it on your Mac System.
  2.  In the same vein, Connect your Android device to your Mac using the USB cable if it is connected then you are right, else make sure that you have enabled the Developer options are enabled USB debugging as well to connect.
  3. Select the more options and select all types of files that you want to transfer from android to Mac.
  4. After that, the selection of file types, now go back to the main page and press the backup tab to transfer the data from your Mac. Now the files will be transferred to Mac.


There are many reasons for Mac is safer than other pcs:

  • Mac os is designed based on UNIX, so it’s somewhat more difficult to exploit than another os.
  • They are less targeted by cybercriminals and hackers. Mac is sharing less than 8% of the market.
  • Macs are more secure than Windows machines because they have less exposure, that there are fewer Macs present around to develop viruses for.
  • Mac is designed in a way that protects malware such as downloads from untrusted sites is not allowed; the downloads from sites which are having threat are also prohibited.


How to Transfer Photos from android to mac? In conclusion, you have found different ways by which you have the ability to transfer photos and files from an android device to your Mac. So, Anyone who purchased can use these methods. Provide your feedback below