T mobile app keeps stopping- How to fix

If you are using a T Mobile app, you may have recently experienced that T mobile app keeps stopping. If so, then you must be frustrated if it is stopping again and again. There are chances that the T Mobile app may be getting frozen or crashing in the background. If you see a message popping on your screen as “T-Mobile has stopped”. Then you just need an article that guides you to resolve the problem. You have got the correct article for that. In this article, you will be guided to your T Mobile app problem.

Why is the T mobile app used? Users can manage the services through their smartphones which simplifies your working style. It helps to change the name and password of the network, you can limit the connection of devices, screen time, etc. If you are experiencing the app crash and are fed up with the error message “T-mobile has stopped”. This article can help to fix it. Before going to solutions, you have to know the reasons for the issue.

T mobile app keeps stopping- How to fix

Here are the Causes for T mobile app keep stopping.

Go through the below-mentioned, reasons. Firstly, you have to find the problem and find a solution for that. If there is a problem with your internet connection, or no internet connection can affect the working of the app. Slow internet and weak Wi-Fi signals might be other reasons for network connection problems.

  1. Junk data

Junk files may be harmful to the device as well as the apps when they start gathering the details. If you are clearing your browser cache, and finding and removing the unnecessary files, then it will be great troubleshooting for this kind of problem.

  1. Outdated version of the app

If the T mobile app you are using is an older or outdated version then, it is obvious that the app keeps stopping or freezing thus trying to install an updated version of the T mobile app.

  1. Accessing the app with a VPN

The apps which we use daily, usually have some sensitive information which might be prone to attacks. VPN is used for encryption and decryption. Your data is constantly processed as data is transferred. This overhead could cause slowdowns of the app.

  1. The installation files are corrupted
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Corrupted files often lead to computer crashes, which may also damage storage media. T Mobile app installation files may be corrupted so uninstall the T mobile app and make sure to check for its correct installation and install it.

  1. Malware Infection

A malware infection can sometimes affect security and raises issues related to network connectivity. It will be helpful if you keep your system clean and free from malware.

  1. Device settings issues

If you have changed settings on your device, that may lead to errors in configuration or blocks from accessing the information. It is recommended to look after the device setting before it affects the app’s performance.

  1. Software update problems

Software updates of a few versions can create issues for working on certain apps. Some apps are only efficient in certain versions of software. So it’s better to take while downloading the app in terms of software compatibility.

How do I fix T mobile app that keeps stopping?

Method 1: Check for Updates

You can check for updates in the app by clicking on the ‘Updates’ button which is near the top left corner. After the tap, you will be shown the latest versions available for the T mobile app, which you can download. Follow the instructions listed below to check updates for T Mobile app.

Android smartphone:

  1. Go to the Google Play store.
  2. On the search, type the T Mobile app.
  3. It will show the ‘Update’ button, tap on it
  4. It will update the T Mobile app


  1. Open Apple App Store
  2. On the search, type the T Mobile app.
  3. It will show the ‘Update’ button, tap on it
  4. It will update the T Mobile app

Method 2: Restart the phone 

If it is an updated version of the mobile app, then you can always restart the phone. Restarting or rebooting the phones helps to remove all cache and data forcefully, boot the file from scratch. It will help to avoid such errors.

Method 3: Reset app data

To do this, open the settings app in the mobile and check for the ‘Application manager’ option, tap on it. You can delete all the applications or only the data associated with it. Then you can re-install the app, so that you can use it.

Method 4: Check your internet connection

If your connection is unstable or has no internet connection then it should be rectified. To check if the T Mobile app issues because of unstable internet. Check the speed of your internet using any website available. If it doesn’t get solved, you may need to check mobile if any physical damages exist, or else get in touch with the service provider.

Method 5: Clear browsing history 

This would be needed if you have used the application for a while, consider cleaning your browsing history. Clearing history makes the application run faster and also get rid of stopping issues.

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Method 6: Force stop

If the app continues to crash when you are using it, force stop would be the solution that can solve a few issues of the app. Forcing the app to stop allows it to close the app. So try forcing the T Mobile app to stop. In a few cases, it resets the app data and deletes some of the device’s memory.

Android smartphone:

  1. Go to the Phone’s settings.
  2. Look for Apps.
Apps keep crashing in iPhone
  1. Search the app to force stop.
  2. Click the Force stop button
Force stop button
  1. Restart your phone


  1. Open the App switcher 
  2. Search the app you want to force stop i.e. T Mobile app.
  3. Swipe up.
  4. Restart your phone.

Method 7: Clear cache and Data for the App

When you are using the app continuously, there are a lot of cache files that will be stored for faster accessibility. Sometimes this residual data or files cause app crashes. Follow the instructions

Android smartphone:

  1. Open Phone settings
  2. Go to Apps.
  3. Search the app to clear cache.
  4. Click the storage button
storage button
  1. You can tap on Clear data, then tap on clear cache.
clear cache
  1. Restart your phone


  1. Open phone settings.
  2. Go to General, then go to storage.
  3. Search the app you want to clear cache, and data i.e. T Mobile app.
  4. Tap the Offload App option
  5. Restart your phone.

Method 8: Check the Phone’s storage

If you are facing the app crashes or stopping again and again, there is chance that memory is full. This means more RAM (Random Access Memory) is consumed. You can get rid of this by deleting some apps or files you use rarely and cleaning out media if not necessary. This will increase the efficiency of your device.

Method 9: Disable background data usage

Is enabled by default on the smartphone. Background data usage allows the apps to get a new notification or new information even if you are not using it or not active on the scream. It is an advantageous feature if you need some important notifications. But it can degrade the performance of the device in terms of data usage and battery life. You can turn off the background data settings by following the instructions.

Android smartphone:

  1. Go to the Phone’s settings.
  2. Look for Apps.
  3. Search the app you want to force stop i.e. T Mobile app.
  4. Select Mobile data option from the list.
  5. Turn off “background data usage’ by toggling it of.


  1. Open phone settings.
  2. Go to General, then go to storage.
  3. Search the app you want to clear cache, and data i.e. T Mobile app.
  4. Tap the background app refresh.
  5. Turn off the background app by toggling it off.

Method 10: Sync date and time setting

Sometimes apps may stop frequently if the device’s date and time are not synced with the actual time clock on the device. Syncing your device’s date and time with the actual time, by following the instructions.

  1. Go to the system.
  2. Click on the date and time.
  3. Enable ‘use network provided time, it sets date and time.
  4. Check for the working of the T Mobile app.
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Sync date and time setting


In this article, you get reasons for the freezing or T mobile app keeps stopping issue. The above-mentioned solutions are easy for the users to fix the stopping of the T Mobile app. So make sure you are using recent versions of smartphones. If it continues to bother you after trying all these methods, then there may be a chance of system incompatibility with the app or try contacting T Mobile so you can get more detailed solutions for the issue.


How to resolve any error message while using the app?

Try to check the internet connection, if the internet is stable there might be possible that the version of the app you are using is an older one.If you find your device storage is full, try to delete some of the unnecessary images or apps then check for the app’s working. It might be common if you are using old mobile then you have to see it again. So, try to buy a new device.

What changes I can see if I clear the cache?

Clearing cache is the process of removing stored data from a particular app. The cache is needed for accessing the frequent data for which the app is used, it has login details, settings of the apps, and particular permissions provided for that app. So be sure before clearing the cache. After clearing the cache you have to set all details like login, and permissions. If you have any important data in apps, although there is a need to clear the cache, then back up your details.

How can I avoid malware attacks?

Scan the devices regularly, if anything mischievous is found then it’s better to update the device and remove the third-party applications you have downloaded. Delete the viruses or other malware if they are being detected are scanners. Avoid clicking on links or downloading some apps if you don’t have any information about it. Download any type of antivirus, which helps to protect the device from attack and helps to keep an eye on the system.