System UI

System UI is so important for an Android device. In this article, we will learn about the System User Interface of a smartphone.

User Interface (UI)

User Interface (in short UI) describes how someones interact with information systems. UI is a set of screens, pages, buttons, forms, radio and other visual design segments used to communicate to the devices. Every app and website comes must have a UI to intract the user properly.
UI in term of design is the process of creating illustrations, GUI(graphics User Interface) and using iconic element to enhance the presentation and layout of a digital item with its many different views on a device.

What is System UI

For any app developer System, UI is a way to display something on the screen which is not an application. In System UI, the meaning of UI is User Interface. With the help of System UI, a user can change and control displays independent of any application. You can say that everything is UI in an Android phone which is not an application. You cannot build an app that runs all the apps and the system code. Right? That’s why we need system UI.

The Work of System UI

There are two big brands that are working on mobile development or you can say there is two most famous OS of two companies. Google has Android and Apple has iOS. Both companies are working day and night to give their users the best experience of using their smartphones. Android gives more independence of using System UI to change the display of any application than iOS. Android and iOS gave people to change the display for any app to see on full screen or not, to enable dark mode or night mode. You can change the option of turning on or off the app icon in the notifications or status. You can change the view of your navigation bar using this too. 

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How to use System UI

Customizing your System UI is not very hard and so easy. It is a bit complicated. There are so many methods to change the System UI. So, if you don’t know anything about System UI and how this works you should take the professional’s help in this but if you know about UI and how this works then follow these to customize your System UI.

  • So first open/swipe the notification bar of your android phone.
  • Now tap and hold the setting gear icon, showing on the right side of the notification panel for 5-6 seconds.
  • After that, you will be redirected to a new page and there will be written that System UI is added to the settings of your android phone.
  • Now the System UI menu comes in our settings. To access the menu, open the system settings of your android device. There you will see the option of about phone. on the above of the About phone section, you will see a new menu called System UI tuner. 

 Some android devices don’t allow their users to use System UI like there is no option to open the User interface menu in Samsung Galaxy S7. But the google phones like Pixel and Nexus will work fine. There’s no guarantee this option will work in the future. So, if you are using any beta or developer rom and this method doesn’t work for you don’t get depressed, or sometimes it doesn’t work properly. So, make sure before using it. There are some options of System UI that come in the main settings of the android device.

There are different System UI options for every different android version. Like If you are on android 6.0 or android 6.1 you will see the options of Status bar Show embedded battery percentage and Demo mode and if you are using Android 7.0 you will then see the options of the Status bar, DND (DO NOT DISTURB), and more options as well. If you want to see the battery percentage in the battery bar, you can also have the option of enabling it in the System UI. 

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How to turn off the System UI menu?

If you enable the System UI menu on your android device and now you want to close this menu here, how can you do it? First, open the System UI Tuner, and from the right of the top click on the menu and click on “Remove from settings”. Now it will ask you that if you are sure about removing the UI menu tap on to confirm/yes and your UI menu will be removed from the settings of your Android device.


System UI is a great tool to customize the view of any application. In this article, we talked about What is system User interface and how does it work? Hopefully, this article increases your knowledge. 


Q1. What happens if I force stop System UI?

Solution: if you ever force-stop User interface or your smartphone then your device will stick on start-up and never boot again. So please don’t try to force stop System UI.

Q2. How do I turn off the menu of System UI?

Solution: You can use the method given above to turn off the menu of System UI from the settings. That method will surely help you.

Q3. Should I disable System UI?

Solution: System User interface can make your experience of using your phone hell if the System User interface options are not used correctly. So, if you are not using the System UI menu you should remove the UI menu from the settings of your smartphone. 

Q4. Why did my System UI stop working?

Solution: If your System User interface stopped working then it may be due to the Google app update. So you should uninstall the update and your issue will fix.