Site analysis: Traffic analysis

Interpretation of data by Site analysis is required in every business and it isn’t excluded from digital marketing as well. One of the key concepts of SEO is the analysis of website traffic. And that is the idea of today’s discussion. Before diving deep into the discussion let’s get to know about user traffic. Technically it is the amount of data sent or received by the domain server. Shortly it can be understood as the number of legit users visiting the website. By legit user, I mean that bots aren’t counted during analysis.

A deep analysis of user traffic gives you a lot of information. Namely, the number of users, popularity of your content, etc. It also helps you investigate the origin of users, frequent users, and when is your website visited the most. By the end of the article you will get to know everything about the process. Here I have discussed various methods for checking user traffic. Both paid and free measures are present in the market for this. As usual, first I make you go through some really cool free stuff.


The No-Cost Tool

A lot of tools for Web traffic analysis float around in the market. The IT giant Google itself leading the pack with Google Analytics. is another platform that provides numerous services free of cost. I ain’t being partial here but the biggest search engine is Google itself so let’s discuss it’s product first.

Google Analytics

Launched back in 2005 the service is currently offered under Google Webmasters. Google Analytics is available free of cost for the task being discussing over Site analysis. Google Analytics gives both free and paid services. Smaller businesses can use the services free of cost. But you need to pay for some advanced services.

To exploit the features of Google Analytics you first need to create your profile. Creating a profile on the platform is merely a walk in the park. You just need to sign in with an existing google account and then get your domain registered on the platform. Google Analytics is also attached as a snippet to the JavaScript code of your website. And then you are good to go. It automatically analyzes your website in real time.

Site analysis using Google Analytics

Bounce rate: One of the most important parameters shown in the reports of the analysis. Bounce rate refers to the number of users driving away from your website to others. This probably could be because of dissatisfactory content.

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This is a platform that provides you innumerable tools for SEO related tasks. Most of the services on the platform are completely free. Though there are a few for which you gotta empty your wallet. Since our discussion right now is limited to tools that allow you to check website traffic, I leave the rest of the tools for some other day. 

Website Hit Counter

This is the tool of the platform used to detect traffic on your website. While Google Analytics is a user-friendly platform for every kind of user. The tool provided by SmallSEOtools can be quite complex for you if you have no idea about coding. This tool is used to generate an HTML code for a page hit counter for your website. The code snippet can later be embedded along with the code of your website. Even if you are from a nonprogramming environment, you can get used to this by very little knowledge of HTML. This tool simply would give you numbers and nothing more. So this isn’t recommended for those who are very new to the SEO market.


A decent platform for beginners in SEO for Site analysis. Sitechecker provides you with quite a good amount of traffic analysis. The data set however is incomparable to other platforms. Sitecheker comes with a pro version as well where you get much better services. Despite many cons, it still can be taken into consideration and gets a place in our listings.


Until now we have discussed the platforms that allow you to check the user traffic of your own website. But what if you just want to research others’ websites. Well, if you are also a geek wandering around just for information SimilarWeb is your destination in this case. Providing analysis of thousands of websites this is the ultimate weapon. Let’s have a brief look at the stats provided by the platform for “”


This platform is very much comparable to SimilarWeb. The difference stays in the amount of data. Quantcast has a limited data set as compared to Google Analytics, SimilarWeb, or Alexa. Most of the services provided are free of cost, while some services come at a price. The user traffic analysis can be performed without paying a penny. All you need is an account on the platform. So by just signing up, you are good to go.

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A product of the amazon company. This platform is one of the best you can get in the market. Though the pricing of the product is too much, the services provided compensates for it. The Web Analysis tool of Alexa asks you to pay $79 for a month. There is still an option to take a free 7 day trial of the tool. 

To take up the 7day trial all you gotta do is sign up with an amazon account. Amazon has one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. So it is not to be told that it knows the game better than others. The services that come as part of the web analysis tool include:

  1. Website Overview: Gives you the entire report of the traffic on your website. Graphical representation is provided so that you yourself can analyze.
  2. Site Comparison: Compares your site with other marquee players in your domain. Generates a report on the basis of the comparison. Also rates your website by the comparison performed.
  3. Site Linking in: This feature allows you to track the backlinks of your website. This is also a method to generate traffic on your content. Allows you to analyze which websites are driving traffic towards your website. 

The monthly cost of the subscription to the services provided is shown in the snapshot.


My favorite. Ranked at the top in US search in the year 2019, SEMrush is a Boston based company that provides paid SEO products and services. For instance, services like Technical SEO audit, Backlinks audit, Competition analysis, Site analysis, and much more. The feature in which we are interested right now is the Website Traffic analysis. SEMrush provides you statistics about organic traffic generated on your website. Though it even generates reports for the inorganic one. Also providing methods and suggestions to increase user traffic organically. SEMrush comes with a free 30-day free trial. The basic subscription of SEMrush costs $99.95 a month. The pricing is quite hefty but the analysis being provided is abundant ab well.

SEMrush Site analysis for organic traffic


The Mongols company provides some of the coolest SEO tools for Site analysis out there. One such product is the Site Profiler. This is an efficient tool for analyzing traffic on your website. Generates graphical results that are easy to interpret. The best part of the tools is it requires very little hard work from your side. The analysis shows a graphical representation of page hits, bounce rates, and the rank of the website on Google and Alexa. The subscription of Mangools Premium would cost you $35 a month.



If you are a developer then just by a javascript code snippet user traffic of the website can be determined. Also, the graphical representation can be done through Data Analysis software. The tools are effective for users belonging to non-programming backgrounds which are in majority. Simple SEO tools are all that you require a site analysis of the traffic on your website.

It is rightly said, “If it cannot be measured then it cannot be called success.” The success of digital marketing is all about numbers. Regular analysis of the numbers is required in order to calculate the ROI (Return of Investment). The returns on the investments made by any organization on online marketing can only be reflected by the traffic analysis. With that I take your leave. In my opinion the free tools floating around in the market are quite good for optimum analysis of user traffic. But, it is never wrong to pay for the services that provide you an extra edge. After all everything in this world comes at a price.