Showbox keeps stopping

Showbox keeps stopping

Showbox keeps stopping: If you are facing this error then you are most welcome here. In the present article, we will fix your issue of Showbox. Everyone needs entertainment but no one wants to invest and lagging. So, all of them want to watch movies, web series without investing in it. But Showbox keeps stopping or Showbox not working off the mood. Let’s fix this.


As we all know, we are living in the era of the internet and. Due to this, the demand for every human change day by day or time to time. People are working day-night for their needs. So every working human wants to take relax without investing in it. Movie streaming is in high demand nowadays. People prefer watching movies at home without going to cinemas and investing in it. So the person wants to spend time with their family by watching movies, web series and many TV shows without investing in it.

Most of the people prefer the application which provides free streaming series, movies online. So show box is one of the applications which provide up to date movies, and many TV shows online and free of cost. It provides enough movies, web series to fill your days. It has the feature of both oldest titles and the latest or till date tittles.

 Showbox APK application

Showbox is an APK file. With the increase in demand for internet and technology. For a shorter period of time, the show box application was also becoming popular day by day. The basic motive of show box application is to help people to relax and enjoy life by watching free movies, web series within their smartphones. This show box APK application is easily installed on every smartphone. Show box APK application has many users all over the world. Though, many other applications provide free movies web series.

But people are attracting towards show box because it provides updated content to the users through which the users are attracted. Show box has a unique name in the digital market and IT sector as compared to other applications. It provides both the option to watch it online or to download it and then watch movies offline. There are no restrictions in this application on what to watch or what not to watch. Show box app work similar to the paid streaming, for example, Netflix, hot star, prime videos, etc. The last update was done on 8th September 2019 and the developers said that the latest version has a stable update. It keeps updating its version from time to time so that many users can use it.

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 Features of showbox APK application

Here the question arises why do we choose show box APK application? There are many features of the Showbox APK application: 

  • You can easily install in any of your operating system that is smartphones, pc, etc.
  • It doesn’t affect the storage of your smartphone.
  • You can easily download anything you want at any point in time free of cost.
  • All content on show box APK applications is available in HD.
  • There is a huge library of this show box application.
  • You can watch movies from anywhere in the world.
  • Even non-experienced person can easily able to use this show box APK application.,
  • All movies, TV shows, web series, are divided into groups which help the user to find anything easily. 
  • The key feature of this show box APK application is freedom of action that allows a user to consider it as a great APK application.
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 Why is Showbox keeps stopping?

 Nowadays, the Showbox APK application keeps stopping. So the fundamental question arises why is this application is not working? As we all know, Showbox becomes too much popular these days. But a few days ago, the news came that Showbox APK application is not responding or the errors are coming behind while using the application. Show box APK application has stops working and the users of this application getting errors while utilizing this show box APK application so why such a popular application is stopping without giving any proper reason or justification. Three reasons for Showbox keeps stopping:

  • Need Update to the latest version of Showbox( June 2020)
  • Clear Caching required
  • Lime Player updation required

There are some more Showbox effective alternative, such as popcorn time, Playbox HD, 123movies, etc. which are available on their websites not on Google Play Store

Some more reasons below covered for lagging of Showbox.

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Many people were interested in the question of the legality of the service of the show box APK application. The reason is that Show box and many other applications are illegal; that is why they are not found on Google play store. That is why it is an APK application. They let you install the application so that you can download the movies and view them offline without investing in it, i.e. free of cost. That is the thing where problems arise.

The content present in the application is all copied or stream from some other direct sources. They don’t have the right to the content they are providing to people free of cost as it is illegal. That is why this application is not present on Google play store. Not only the Google play store has banned this show box APK application, but Microsoft stores have also banned it in their stores which has a great reputation in the IT sector which proves this APK application is illegal. 

Firstly it asks to download the APK file and the ask to install it as it is not available on the play store as it doesn’t follow the guidelines given by the Google play store. It is present on various websites. Apps downloaded from different websites other then Google play store may contain viruses, bugs, and many other dangerous things that can destroy the smartphone.

What about privacy

The virus can also destroy your personal data present in the phones. Your smartphones start hanging. As these APK application or applications downloaded from sites other than Google play store don’t give the guarantee for safe and clean application. This is not the thing that always it is unsafe, but most of the time, it could be dangerous for users. Soon it would be declared that this show box APK application is illegal to use for the same reason mentioned.

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Illegal issues and Targeting members

Showbox Illegal issues and Targeting members

This show box APK application and many others which are providing free movies or TV shows target the studios or producers who create all the content of movies and TV shows by putting all their resources and efforts on it. And then these applications show all copyrighted content to the user free of cost, which is illegal. That is why it is not working properly for many producers and Hollywood studios to claim legally on the distributers of this APK application.

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Frequent crashes

The second main reason that the Showbox APK application keeps stopping the frequent crash. This show box application is not stable. The bugs present in the application sometimes give continuous errors while watching online shows. You can’t run this application in your old android system to use this system should be updated. Otherwise, it will spoil your system android system. The error occurs between the movies is the most irritating issue of show box APK application.

Frequent crashes in showbox

When we are involved in the movies or concentrating in the movies then suddenly a popup menu comes in between with the message like “unfortunately Showbox keeps stopping” is the biggest problem of this application. A show box application is the popular most entertaining application. If these kinds of errors occur between the users will be frustrated and stop using it. There is one more error that most probably occurs while using show box is “show box video not available error”. This is one of the awkward issues for show box APK application.

How is the use of Showbox dangerous for users?

The users using this application can also come in trouble. Downloading the copyrighted content by the users is also an illegal and punishable offence. The studios will able to see your user IP address and can also see their history. Then they have the right to claim cases on the user too. So it’s better to say goodbye to this application. Though it is likely to say that it could run any of its content. But there are few tries that user can make on their own risk such as restarting your android is one of the simple tricks you can use

How to fix the problem of Showbox keeps stopping

Fix1: Showbox server error

  • This issue comes from the server. This issue occurs due to the poor maintenance of the server.
  • that server is not working then come back choose the another server
  • Select the movie you want to watch and then click on the three-dot menu mentioned in the application.
  • Then a new window will be open in front of you to choose or change the server.
  • Tap on “SERVER X”.
  • Then choose another server from the list present.

If you are again facing the same problem, then there is no solution to it other than waiting or try the same steps again after few minutes.

Fix2: Showbox update error

Showbox update error
  • The problem occurs due to corrupted APK file. This is due to
  • You’re android that there is less storage for updating or the second chance is you left the online site while updating it.
  • So you have to check the storage space and clear the data which is not in use for solving the updating error.
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Fix3: No connection error

  • It is the most common error that every user of this application has to face. To solve this error, the user should check his/her device is connected to the internet because most of the time, this error occurs due to poor connection.
  • Then it is not working then must try the given points:
  • Activate the flight mode of your smartphones for 2-3 minutes.
  • Restart your device. It will solve your network error automatically.
  • Try different kinds of networks which means using mobile data instead of using wifi.

 Do remember that this kind of error is not from the side of the application. It is entirely due to networks.

Fix4: “Video not available” error

  • As like some other streaming apps. Showbox applications are banned in some countries. As is shows the copyrighted content. So to solve this problem, you have to:
  • Hide the current IP address of your android.
  • Download any premium VPN and then install it.
  • Choose your country to hide your IP address. 
  • And then you can use the Showbox application.

Fix5: Download Updated Lime Player for Showbox Apk

Most of the cases we have seen that Lime player causes “Showbox keeps stopping”. So do not take risk for that go and update your player

Fix6: Clear Cache

Clear cache

One more normal reason for Showbox keeps stopping or not working is the full cache memory. We have a limited amount of cache in our mobile data. And it is already in use by many applications. We need to clear it on a regular basis.


Showbox keeps stopping: So in the end conclusion comes that Stay away from show box APK applications and risk involved in using it. Show box is not the legal platform or right platform to watch movies, web series, TV shows which provide copyrighted content to the user. The user should use legal directly accessed applications such as Netflix, hot star, prime videos with paying less amount monthly basis. It is much safer and can easily be downloaded and installed directly from the Google play store. And this kind of application also puts the user into risk.