ShowBox For Android

Do you need ShowBox For Android? Have you ever thought of watching movies for free? Having an application that solves all your entertainment problems in one go. Which is easy to use, has a large collection of titles, and even lets you download titles in MP4 format…all for free! Enter: Showbox.

ShowBox For Android

How many of you pay tens of dollars every month just to watch your favorite movies or tv shows? $10, $20, $30? Well, guess what, the average American spends close to $40 every month on streaming services! Can you imagine that?! You can get a new mini waffle maker with that amount every month! You’re spending close to $480 every year. With that amount, you could buy Apple’s all-new iPhone SE 2 each year. Are you feeling guilty enough? Let me help you clear up that guilt.

I’m going to tell you about an app not a lot of you have heard about. This may save you money to buy a new iPhone every year, but here’s the irony. It’s available only for android users… (sorry apple fans!) It’s called show box, and it practically has every show or movie you might want to watch. So now you might be wondering that hey! If this does have everything and is free of cost, then why doesn’t everybody use it?

Is ShowBox Illegal?

Here’s the answer to that. ShowBox was created as a platform by Effi Atad, Tomer Afek, who describe it as an online video creation platform. ShowBox itself isn’t pirated, but the things that are uploaded or streamed through ShowBox, such as all these amazing movies and TV shows, are under copyright by their creators and are uploaded and streamed through ShowBox illegally. The founders are not committing a crime technically because all they have done is made a platform for users to upload content.

When streaming through ShowBox, your content is streamed through torrents, and like we know, torrents are highly illegal. You could literally get an email or call from the FBI if you’re using torrents to download copyrighted material (trust me, I have experience). Using torrent also has other risks, such as malware attacks. ShowBox has always been termed safe, but it is an open platform, and hence it is easy for malware attacks to pass through it. Using torrent has always been free, and this is what ShowBox has taken advantage of, by bringing torrent streaming in a user-friendly application.

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ShowBox was earlier available on Google Play Store but was later taken down due to its piracy issues, and the issues stated above. 

ShowBox has also been facing lawsuits against it for showing content. It does not have the rights to show. Hollywood studios had sued ShowBox in May of 2018 for the same. There is a high chance that your IP address might be shared with the copyright owners, so it is always better to use a VPN. I have given information about using the same later in the article.

You might also be wondering why Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc. charge you so much to view their content.

Why do Streaming Platforms Charge so much?

One of the main and obvious reasons is profit. They are in the business to make money. And for that, they need to charge you. The reason for them to charge such a high amount is licensing. These companies need to get licenses from the production companies to stream their content. Bids are placed for movies and tv shows by these companies to gain rights to allow the users to stream them. Disney+ does not have to go through this as they have their content on their platform and so they are free from the whole licensing hassle. So is the case with Discovery Plus.

Pros of using ShowBox

  1. The main reason for anyone to download ShowBox would be that it is free of charge. They charge you absolutely nothing for viewing or downloading copyrighted content directly onto your phone. Unlike the popular streaming applications, the content isn’t DRM protected so that you can transfer or share the files easily from one device to another.
  2. Friendly user interface. Just like the paid streaming services, ShowBox has an extremely easy to use interface. Even if you are using it for the first time, you will not find any difficulties, and you will find it extremely easy to use. The movies and TV shows are separated into different tabs, and it lists out the top movie and tv shows for you; there is a downloads tab where you can view all your downloads and lastly, there is a favorites tab where you can see all the content you have marked as a favorite.
  3. IT. HAS. NO. POP. UP. ADS. Yes, you heard that right. As a ShowBox user, I have never experienced any popup ads in the ShowBox application. You jump right into the application and then into the video itself. Never in the whole experience will you experience any pop-up ads.
  4. Quick uploads. Most TV shows are uploaded on ShowBox an hour after the episode is aired on TV. I used ShowBox to watch Marvel’s Agent of a shield, and as soon as the episode was aired, I was able to stream it on ShowBox. So was the case with movies. A week or two after their launch, they were available on ShowBox.
  5. You can stream in 1080p. Yes! You can stream full HD videos on ShowBox for free. Even Netflix charges. You got to pay $4 extra per month to stream videos in HD on Netflix. On ShowBox, you can choose the resolution according to your preference and go up to 1080p.
  6. No login! You do not require an account to use ShowBox. Download the account, and you’re straight into it! No hassles for remembering passwords or storing them somewhere or creating a new account. You jump right in.
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Facing problem: Showbox keeps stopping, see the solution.

Using a VPN

Now that you have read both the pros and cons, I bet that there is a side of you wanting to download ShowBox, but the illegal things might be stopping you. Allow me to offer you a workaround. An easy one would be using a VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to spoof your IP address and mask your browsing history from your internet service provider. A VPN also lets you spoof your location. It is completely legal to use a VPN, and I’m going to suggest a user friendly and free VPN.

Using a VPN will slow down your network speed, and you might experience buffering while playing videos. You could you Speedtest by Ookla. They offer the first two GB free and then charge $4.99 a month. If you want to go for a completely free VPN, you could try Snap VPN. I have personally been using that for a long time now, and it works perfectly. It offers you 4 free locations to choose from. The other locations can be accessed by being a premium member. Unlike Speedtest VPN, you can use this one for unlimited GBs and for as long as you want, but the downside is it will restrict you speed quite a lot.

Installing ShowBox For Android

Finally, you’ve reached the part where I tell you how to install ShowBox For Android once and for all. Thank you for bearing with me until now.

I’ll reiterate, ShowBox is available for Android devices only. I had said it before, and I’m going to repeat it.

To download it on Android, please follow the following steps.

You will need to install the ShowBox APK to download ShowBox because it has been taken down on google play. I will not be responsible if your device is attacked by malware.

Firstly, Open the following link on your browser:

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Secondly, scroll down and select “Download ShowBox APK.”

Download ShowBox APK

Thirdly, select download now.

select download now

Lastly, select Install.

select Install ShowBox For Android

If you are prompted to allow unknown sources from google chrome or whichever browser you are using, select yes.

That’s set! You can now enjoy your favorite movies and TV Shows free of cost using this simple application. I have been using it for a long time in India as there aren’t a lot of anti-piracy laws here. In the US, I would recommend that you use the VPN as an extra layer of security for yourself. There are quite a few ShowBox-like apps available on the internet, but this is by far the safest, most used, and simplest application I’ve come across. I would recommend you use this rather than looking for other apps that may be corrupted or contain viruses and malware.

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