Second Step of Chrome OS: New era of OS

Second Step of Chrome OS

Second Step of Chrome OS: Are you willing to run into an OS that is as easy as pie? Undoubtedly yes. so switch to Chrome OS. There won’t be any swerving ever. Are you a person trying to experience a simple Linux based OS. Then chrome OS will be the apt one for you. It is a web-oriented OS. The Chrome OS platform is getting expanded day by day. Now Google has introduced a significant announcement to integrate Play store Application for both Android and Chrome OS applications.  They also announced chrome application is suitable to run on the device of any size, even by offering a smoother user experience. Let us see how Chrome OS is going to become a big thing.  


In this article, we are going to see about the Grand plan introduced by Google to take chrome OS to one step further. Chrome OS is an open-source simplicity operating system developed by Google based on Linux. It uses 166GB of storage space, which is one by the sixth of Windows OS. Chrome OS runs with the help of the Chrome browser and Aura shell as a base. Chrome OS handles all the processes through web applications and stores in the cloud for managing further. Now Google has introduced a grand plan to take chrome OS back on track. With Google Play store as a Primary store, Google has planned to launch Chrome book apps. These apps are smoother to experience and easier to use. These apps designed in such a way to suitable for all devices.

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About Chrome OS

Chrome OS  first released in the year 2011. Google Notebooks and the Google Chrome Books are the first devices to experience Chrome OS. Chrome OS  Built with the base of Cloud computing. The name Chrome OS came into existence due to the only software running on it(Chrome browser). The complete Chrome OS was built-in with the four programming languages, namely C++, Python, JavaScript, HTML5. Chrome OS is built based on the Monolithic kernel type. The famous vendors that run Chrome OS are Acer, Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo, and more extra. The latest version of Chrome OS is version 81.0.4044.103 and released in April 2020.

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 Working of Chrome OS

 Not a problem regardless of devices using Chrome OS. Firstly you need to set up the Chrome OS. The First Step is to log in with your Google ID to access the OS. By logging in, you will get access to use all the services provided by Google, such as Gmail service, Google maps, and more extra. This Operating system is not capable of handling massive graphics games like PUBG, Fortnite. However, you can play simple games on this OS like EA cricket 2007.

Similarly, this OS does not support much software that runs on Windows and Mac. The effect of attacking the virus in Chrome OS is shallow. So it is one of the safe OS out there. The main advantage of Chrome OS is it mostly works on online. Even if you not connected through the internet, apps like Google Docs, Google Drive works offline, and data are synced to the cloud once you back online.

Features of Chrome OS

  • 1.     Chrome OS functions with the help of a chrome browser.
  • 2.     The booting time in Chrome OS is less than a minute.
  • 3.     In Chrome OS is a cloud based storage.
  • 4.     It is highly safe and secure.
  • 5.     Chrome OS does not support hybrid OS functionality.
  • 6.     Virtual desks in Chrome OS helps to create separate desktops for other related works.
  • 7.     Click to call helps to send the phone number by right-clicking on a web browser.
  • 8.     Feedback sharing can be enable by holding the power button for a few seconds.
  • 9.     Google Assistant quick answer feature is available for the faster response of Google assistant.
  • 10. Linux disk present in the Chrome OS  resized.

Most significant Step of Chrome OS

In the recent tweet about Chrome OS, Google mentioned that they are planning to bring an integrated Play store. This new Play store loaded with the applications for Android and Chrome OS. Chrome OS applications are designed in such a manner to work on devices like Mobile phones, Tablets, and Desktops. These applications are smoother and simple to use. Experts say that for an average user of Android, it will very hard to understand the Chrome apps because Chrome applications run similarly and offer similar services as Android apps.

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The Chrome OS applications designed to work correctly on both online and offline.  In recent updates, Google added one app management feature in which you can see the available apps, customize those apps, and perform the uninstallation. The Chrome apps are the combination of the Traditional Android structure embedded with the web application program. However, the development of Linux based applications for Chrome OS is still in beta version. With this Step, it is clear that it is a First and most significant step of Google to make Chrome OS a substantial competitor in the global market.

Future of Chrome OS

Many experts predicted that soon the world would switch into a complete Linux based operating system. By keeping this in mind, the Future of Chrome OS seems to be Brighter. In the future, Chrome OS can be designed in the way to work both online and offline. In considering this, Google has launched an integrated Play store with chrome OS applications as further step experts have predicted that this Chrome OS application will be made available for all processes in equal with Windows and Mac OS. Also, Google has planned to merge Android OS with the Chrome OS to access the related web applications on the OS. Since Chrome OS based on Linux Kernal, privacy is high, and this will be a significant factor for people to switch into Chrome OS.

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Problems in Chrome OS

The home screen on Chrome OS is fundamental when compared with other Operating Systems. On a different view, chrome OS looks similar to Android OS. For people who want to explore the field of computing, Chrome OS will not be suitable. Because of the customizations available in Chrome OS is very less. This OS usually runs web applications, so these web applications needed to figure out. Sometimes the users not fully trust the cloud storage, so inbuilt rooms need to be available for Chrome OS. The devices using chrome OS required to provide many USB slots. For this Driver setting in Chrome, OS needs to get updated.

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Chrome book

Chrome Books are devices like Laptops or Tablets running on Chrome OS. These devices, built-in with the cloud systems and process through web applications. In chrome books, these web applications handled by solid-state memory. The Chrome books are available in two variants as Chrome box and Chrome base. The Chrome boxes provided with some primary ports. For example, USB, DVI-D, and more extra. These Chrome boxes run with the help of external monitors. The chrome base is a standard desktop that runs on Chrome OS. The dongle variant of the Chrome book is available as a Chrome bit. This dongle runs on Chrome OS. When it placed in the HDMI port of any electronic devices like Television, Laptop, and Desktop, it turns that electronic device into a personal computer. This chrome bit accessed with the help of an external keyboard, mouse, and more extra.


Like the proverb, “Many drops make an ocean,” chrome OS is a basic version of simple OS based on Linux kernel. The Step to make Google play store as an Integrated store for both Android and Chrome OS application is seen as a substantial positive for Chrome OS users. Because with this update, Chrome OS can operate 96 percent of applications equally when compared with Windows and Mac users. With the world moving towards Linux based OS, Chrome OS will gain more attention among the users in the future considering its Privacy and User experience as significant factors.