Screen Overlay Detected Problems Quick Fix

Screen Overlay Detected

Screen Overlay Detected: Android

Quick Fix: Android Marshmallow

There is a peculiar error starting with Android Marshmallow, often showing his face, but what it’s that makes it can be difficult to decipher. The “panel overlay” error is a worrying mistake since certain programs will not be able to start, but it is even annoying, as it is difficult to identify what causes it.

Thankfully, it’s a pretty simple workaround if you know what causes the error: an application that can “hover” over other applications is functionality included in and beyond Marshmallow. Facebook Messenger, for instance, uses chat heads to stay at the forefront of anything that you do–this is the app that features “Draw over other apps.” It’s a computer mask, in other words. It begins to press now, isn’t it?

Sadly, certain apps do strange things if an overlay is running online, especially when the app needs a new permit. If overlaying is running and so the error “Display Overlay is observed,” it simply does not require permissions to be changed by Android. When you install a new app and start it, you will get a bug, as the new app attempts to seek access, while you also have a chat via a Facebook Chat Head. In the following example, I use Twilight, an app for “night mode” that uses an overlay screen to do its thing.

Screen Overlay Detected android
Twilight: Eye Protector

Now, if this error is made, an “Open Settings” link will sometimes be included that sends you directly into the “Draw other apps” menu. The hard part is that each device has to be manually turned on-tap an app, tap the “Drawing Over other apps authorization” button, and return. You can deactivate each, but this can take great time, especially if you have hundreds of applications installed that can overlay them.

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Ideally, you should recognize the code that triggered the dispute, and you can just uninstall it.

Talk of yourself, then:

Which apps have you recently used? As already mentioned, Facebook Messenger sketches chat heads on the screen so it is most definitely the culprit if a chat head is involved.

Which passive technologies do you use in the background? Apps such as CF.lumen & Twilight draw on the screen if allowed so that the screen overlay error is eliminated from you, you must delay or disable those utilities.

Access: Draw Over Other Apps Menu

Draw over other apps
Draw over other apps

So, how do you get to the menu “Draw over other apps” without getting that fast link? What if there’s no strong connection? This segment is quite simple. The biggest problem is that multiple manufacturers ‘ handsets set the configuration for show overlays in various locations. This is the fall.

Android Oreo: Screen Overlay Detected

A new update has come for this version to solve such problems It includes the Drawn Over Most Apps feature. If you are using Android Oreo.

To open Settings, first pull the shade button and tap the gear icon.

Pick the tab ‘ Applications & Notifications ‘ from here and then press the button ‘ Advanced. ‘

The last choices are “Additional App Access.” This feature provides additional options.

Go forward and press this. You will see the “View Over Other Settings” option a little bit down the menu. That is what you are hunting for.

Android Marshmallow or Nougat: Screen Overlay Detected

Android Marshmallow or Nougat:  Screen Overlay Detected

Take the shadow twice and press the gear icon on Stock Android. Move down to “Games” from there, and then press the equipment button at the top right.

Type the “Special Access” option and scroll down on this menu. The “Draw over other apps” menu will be available there. This is what you were hoping for!

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Feel free to change things here for the choice of your heart. Just open any object to turn it on or off.


So my dear friends, as we all have heard that “EVERY PROBLEM HAS ITS SOLUTION” above-mentioned methods are the solution to your problem. All the above-listed solutions are easy and simple. Just try it whenever you face such problems.

I hope you got over it …..Stay tuned, and let us know your other problems and allow us to help you out.

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