Samsung TV not giving wireless option- Easy Solutions Unveiled!

There I was, cozy on my couch, ready to enjoy a night of streaming my favorite shows when, suddenly, my Samsung TV not giving wireless option became the ultimate buzzkill. I couldn’t believe it – this high-tech gadget had suddenly turned into a useless box. But, fear not, for I have faced this challenge and emerged victorious! If you too find yourself in this frustrating situation, don’t worry. Here are the steps to take to get your Samsung TV back online and ready for binge-watching glory.

First, we are going to look into the possible causes of the issue. But if you want to directly jump into solutions then you can check the “How to fix” section.

Samsung TV not giving wireless option

Why my Samsung TV is not showing a wireless option?

There can be a few possible reasons for the wireless options to not come, here we will see all of them. We suggest you go through these causes to understand the issue better. But you can skip this section entirely and get into how to fix it.

  1. Check your WiFi: This is the most common cause of the issue and we more often than not forget about it. First check if your WiFi is up and running with an internet connection, then check if your TV has WiFi settings enabled. Also, check if your Samsung TV is connected to the correct WiFi network.
  2. Possible network connection issue: It’s possible that your WiFi is on and working but your Samsung TV is not connected to the network or facing network connection issues. Along with it, you should also if any new software updates are available. If it’s available then download it and try connecting your TV again to the WiFi.
  3. Outdated software: If you don’t update your smart TV frequently then it’s possible that the software is outdated and causing bugs. You should go into Settings and check if any update is available. If there is then you should update, but if not then this is not the cause of the issue.
  4. Hardware issue: This is not very likely but still possible, your Samsung TV’s wireless card could be damaged. It may be defective or got damaged if you shifted your TV recently. If you think this is the case then you should connect with Samsung customer support for assistance.
  5. Incompatibility: Your TV may not have wireless options, to begin with since not all TV support the feature. You should check the manual or user guide for more information. You should also check if have a smart TV and not older versions with smart TV sticks.
  6. Possible interference: Some other devices in the area may be causing interference with your TV’s signal. You should try moving your TV to a different location and check if it made any difference.

These are the most probable cause for the issue and you should play around with possible solutions to check what works for you. In the next section, we are going to see how you can fix this issue with different solutions. We would suggest you try these solutions before contacting Samsung customer support.

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Some error codes when Samsung TV can’t detect wireless network

If your Samsung TV is facing network issues then you may get any of these error codes. This will indicate the issue is related to the network and you can fix it with ease.

  • Error code 101/012/105/107
  • Samsung TV error 107/13
  • Error code 116/118/301
  • Error code 0-1/7-1
  • Message code 0

You can identify the cause of the error with these codes and it will help save you trouble. In the next section, we are going to see how you can fix this issue.

Samsung TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi

If your Samsung TV is not able to detect any wireless network or loses the network frequently. Then the problem may be with your TV’s network capability. There are a few things that you can try to fix but if are not able to fix them then you may have to contact customer support. The most common reasons range from old firmware and settings problems to physical damage.

You should also check if your router is working fine since it can be the source of issues like router DNS settings or MAC address failing. If this is the case then may have to contact tech support. But if it’s not the case then we can get straight into fixing it.

How to connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi or an internet network

Before we can start check if your internet connection is working fine and if your Samsung TV is connected properly. Now follow the steps mentioned below to connect your TV to WiFi:

  1. Power up your Samsung TV and grab the remote.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” and then select “General” options.
  3. Now select “Network” and click on “Open Network Settings”.
  4. Select your WiFi network from the list of all available networks.
  5. Enter your password, click on “Done” and you are all set.

NOTE: If your TV is already connected to a wireless network then you can perform network settings reset. Home network configurations and settings can change over time, so your TV needs to refer network to keep up.

How to perform a network refresh on your Samsung smart tv

Network reset can help you with the issue since you can reset and connect your TV again with your WiFi. This trick can work wonders sometimes and is worth giving a shot at. Follow the steps mentioned below to perform a network refresh:

  1. Power up your Samsung TV and get the remote.
  2. Press the “Home” button and go to “Settings”.
  3. Now go inside “General” and then “Network”.
  4. Hover over the “Reset network” option and then click on “Yes”.
  5. Now restart your TV and you are all set!

You can reconfigure your network settings and your problem should be solved.

How to Fix Samsung TV not giving wireless option?

Now that we have identified that the issue is with the network, we can try different solutions and check what works for you. We would suggest that you try solutions in order as they will produce the best results.

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Update your TV’s software

This is the problem in most cases since outdated software can cause these types of issues and contain bugs. Check if an update is available for your Samsung TV. You can find the update inside Settings, if it’s available then update. If the software update is not available then it means the issue is not with your Samsung TV’s software, you should move to the next solution.

Troubleshoot network connectivity

If your Samsung TV is not able to connect to the network, you have to check that network is working fine. Then you can perform troubleshooting which will identify any issue with the software or hardware.

First, you need to check if “Self-diagnosis” is available on your Samsung Tv. Go to “Settings” > “Support” > “Self-diagnosis”. From here you can run the diagnosis and even reset the settings if you want.

You can also try to reset your network settings or move your TV closer to the router.

Check for hardware problems

This can be the case if you recently moved your TV or it’s a new purchase. WiFi modules can be damaged or defective, and since it’s physical damage you need to get it repaired or replaced. We would suggest you try every solution in this article before you take it to the service center. And you should avoid mentioning any ‘possible’ physical damage to avoid getting charged more.

Cross-check the settings

This should be the first thing you check since sometimes we accidentally can change settings. You should check if all the settings are configured correctly. Check the network settings on your TV’s wireless settings and other related wireless options/settings.

Try using a wired connection

If nothing is working then you can give this a shot, if the wireless network is causing issues or not allowing you to use certain features. Then you can use a wired connection and check if it works for you. This may not be the ideal solution but it should work till you get your Samsung TV repaired or replaced. If you have an ethernet cable then simply plug it in and check. Remember that you will not get wireless options with it since it’s a temporary fix.

Checking your smart TV signal strength

Before you go around trying every solution, you should first check if your TV has sufficient signal strength. If the signal strength is low then there will be buffering and other issues.

  1. Power up your Samsung Tv and navigate to Settings.
  2. Now click on “General” then “Network”.
  3. Look for “Open Network Settings” and then click on “Wireless”.
  4. Check the number of wifi bars showing on your TV.

If the signal strength is low then your TV is far from the modem, you should try moving your TV closer to the modem.

Resetting a Samsung TV

If nothing is working for you then this is your last resort, you can either get in touch with customer support or perform resetting. However, keep in mind that all your settings will be reset. We would suggest you note all the custom settings before resettings. Follow the steps mentioned below to perform a reset on Samsung smart TV:

  1. Power up your smart TV and then hold the “Power” button.
  2. Hold the power button until the Samsung logo flashes onscreen.
  3. Now, wait until the Samsung logo turns red and blinks faster.
  4. Your TV will turn off and on and now you can try connecting it to the WiFi.
  5. If this doesn’t work for you then you may have to perform a full factory reset.
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NOTE: If you perform a factory reset then all the apps will be removed and the firmware will downgrade. Your TV will become just like it came in the box, with all the default apps and settings.

How to factory reset your Samsung TV

This is the ultimate solution, any software issue will be solved but hardware issues will still be there. So you will know if the problem is with software or hardware.

Remember that if you perform a factory reset then all your apps and settings will be gone. So you should note down all the custom settings and any other important information. Follow the steps mentioned below to factory reset your Samsung TV:

  1. Power up your TV and tap the “Home” button on your remote.
  2. Go to “Settings” and then to “General”.
  3. Now select the “Reset” option and you will be asked to enter the PIN.
    NOTE: If you don’t remember the PIN or didn’t set one then the default PIN for every Samsung TV is 0000.
  4. Once you enter the pin, give confirmation and the factory reset process will start.

After the process is completed, your TV should get the wireless options back. But if you are still facing issues then it means that this is not a software issue but a hardware one. You need to get your TV looked out for any physical damage.


In the article, we saw why you are not getting wireless options on your TV and how you can fix it in different ways. We would suggest you try all the possible solutions before contacting support or going to the service center. In most cases, it is simple settings issue or a bug that can be fixed with relative ease. But in some cases, it may be physical damage to the WiFi module in your TV.

Remember that if you perform a factory reset then all your apps and settings will be gone. We would suggest you note down all the custom settings. If you are stuck anywhere then feel free to mention it in the comment section below. We are more than happy to help out our readers.