What is Samsung Pass

Samsung Pass: With the ongoing growth of accounts and services remembering online login details and passwords has become a necessity more than a need. When you catch yourself making regular resets of passwords, it’s time to start setting up a free password manager, including Samsung Pass. Samsung Pass is an inbuild feature which uses your physical traits to log in to your mobile device, website or app. (Similar to other Android smartphones operating Samsung Flow)

It’s not really a password manager, but a faster and easier means of signing in to sites or inserting proof of payment without typing a word. And because it has the brand name Samsung it only operates on a Samsung unit. (And even the most current ones endorsing biometric authentication.)

samsung pass
samsung pass

What is samsung pass?

Samsung Pass is used in all the Galaxy devices and is used for password protection. It helps you to store your client and website login credentials and passwords in a secure vault on your laptop, and use your favorite bio-metric to enter the account instead.

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Setting up and Working

With Samsung Transfer, you will be able to forego the normal procedure if you open a login page on an app or website, and use your fingerprint, iris or facial recognition to easily enter your account.

How to set up

  • Select “Options,” then choose “Lock Screen and Safety.” Click Samsung Pass to drop down.
  • Now you have to have to sign in to your Samsung account with your Samsung pass master app key.
  • You will have to register your biometrics such as fingerprint, iris on your compatible device from your Samsung account. For easy access to vault you have to attach Samsung pass to tur screen after login.

How to use

  • Every when you navigate the Samsung Internet browser to a new login tab, you’ll only enter your username and password as usual.
  • Samsung Pass should inquire if you want to store certain login credentials after clicking the “Sign up” Tap “Care” click.
  • You will need to use your fingerprint, iris as part of identification for logging in the next time. The same moves extend to Samsung Pass-compatible phones.
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How to fill forms and payment details

As well as password protection, your username, contact information and payment data may be used to auto-fill forms with Samsung Pass. Here’s how to get going:

  • You have to open a Samsung pass application which could either be it from the Configuration menu or from the list of your preferred apps. Go to the “Types in Autofill” page.
  • Tap “Add address,” fill in the information and click “Delete.” If desired, you can attach several addresses — one for work, one for home, for example.
  • To sign credit and debit card information, on the “Connect card” page.
  • When you will try to login this will automatically fill forms using your biometric identification feature.

How to make the most of it

Know, using Samsung Pass alone clearly does not boost your digital protection. Hackers will also enter your accounts through their underlying usernames and passwords, even though you use biometrics to bypass the step yourself.

To boost your protection online and to secure your safety, you need to adopt best practices in password management. Passwords should be so strong that it must be difficult to guess them. Use lower and upper case letters, numerals and special characters wherever required That also requires avoiding reusing passwords across multiple networks; if passwords are repeated and one is leaked, all networks are then placed at risk automatically.

Samsung Pass’s protection advantage is that you won’t have to recall all those long, special passwords because you’ll only use the biometrics. All of your passwords are saved in your Samsung Pass vault and safe.

Tired of memorizing and copying several passwords again and again? With biometric access via Samsung Pass online authentication is fast and convenient.

Samsung Pass app not working

If your application is not working you can go to settings> apps> Samsung pass> clear cache. Also remember to cleat app data as well. Restart your Samsung Device. This should resolve the problem. Otherwise you can reach out to Samsung help on their official website or rush to a nearby store.

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Jumping to pros and cons


Samsung Pass is an optimized device on all of Samsung’s new smartphones.

To get going you would just need to build an account. Open your device’s ‘Setup,’ navigate to ‘Biometrics and Protection’ and then pick ‘Samsung Access’ underneath.

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The choice may also be under the segment ‘Lock Screen and Safety’ on several of the handsets.

Before the testing of biometrics you need to accept the terms and conditions which include the fingerprint reader, or the camera’s Face ID and iris scan.

Now you are all setup!

Autofill the Samsung Pass is quick and safe.

Username and password should be saved at all costs before using this application. (Don’t be sad, like every other platform or device, you can quickly reset your password).

When you do so, a pop-up appears telling you if you want to sign-in from next time using biometrics. Tap ‘Note’ and it’s over. The need to visit another reset with ‘forgot the secret.’

Now, you’ll see the option to sign in to the app using it anytime you visit the site next time.

Following the same process, for example, you can insert credit card information to pay for items on Prime, and immediately control all of your other Android devices with one arm, nose, or hand.

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Sure, Samsung Pass is an exciting device but it has other drawbacks as well.

One of the greatest setbacks is that it does not support common browsers like chrome, firefox, opera, etc. To sign in via Samsung Pass, you may need to access the web using the regular Samsung Internet software on your Mobile phone. (Photograph?)

Likewise, not every device will operate for the program. Only those apps that help Android autofill system react to Samsung Pass.

The Samsung AllShare app helps you to stream the content of your choice to your Samsung Smart TV device easily. Yet it’s becoming a bit absurd once again. But with their platform Apple is no longer so conservative.

Anything more but the newest edition of your Samsung devices is possible on the app.

But as this only deals with Samsung devices and Samsung Cloud, there is also no cross-device alternative for accessing iCloud backup and more.

Samsung pass struggles to create passwords which are the most essential task for this application.

The method is still unable to detect vulnerable passwords and repeat them, as other leading-edge applications would quickly do. You can generate passwords on your own as there is no source of it as for now. You can also use your old passwords and modify it accordingly.

Samsung Pass will auto-fill login credentials but this method is a major concern for protection.

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Samsung encrypts the private data but will not disclose which device it uses to encrypt it. So, you can’t be certain that your sensitive information is secure, and you also don’t know whether or not Samsung can store your data.

It also poses major concerns because most password managers rarely save their data on their servers.

What about cost?

Samsung Pass is now pre-installed for free on the new Samsung smartphones.


The short response is uncertain if you’re even a customer of Samsung Android phone. Sure it’s better than nothing.

The fingerprint scanner is performing fantastically.

Nonetheless, it lacks a lot of important functionality, such as a password generator to generate unique passwords for each service you visit, or the option to exchange passwords with relatives, friends or co-workers on a safe tab.

Is it secured?

Samsung’s Safe Key. Samsung Pass uses encryption to protect your biometric data which is stored in a trusted zone. Your biometric details stay in your pocket, as your registered biometrics’ public key can be used to authenticate the website.

Can it be used on other devices?

Samsung Pass can be easily used on up to 5 handheld devices. Use the same Samsung account can merge your stored website list and ID/passwords with your existing or added apps. You must sign the fingerprints on each computer however.


Here is an overview of Samsung pass, Samsung Pass app. We have also covered some crucial points such as how to set it up and use it. The pros and cons will be helpful in making decisions. Some of the frequently asked questions are also covered. This is all you need to know about Samsung pass.