SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 Features || Quick Review

Samsung Galaxy A51 Features || Quick Review

Samsung Galaxy A51: Features of latest A series of SAMSUNG Galaxy and quick overview. The SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 launched in January and is available now in India. Dear, user now this phone is at moderate cost and full of features.


SAMSUNG has launched a new Galaxy A series smartphone in the market. Galaxy A51 is the latest phone of SAMSUNG A series and it has awesome features and long-lasting battery backup and many more. Gossipfunda is here with all features and reviews of this latest Galaxy A51.  In all latest SAMSUNG Mobile phone, SAMSUNG is providing own One UI features with android 10. This really creates a good image in the mind of the user. Here you will full details about this phone. Gossipfunda brings the latest technological updates.

Features of SAMSUNG Galaxy A51

The Samsung Galaxy A51 launched in January and is available now in India. Gossipfunda has collected lots of features of it. Read it carefully surely you will get all your queries solution and satisfaction. A well-known mobile phone brand all over the world.  People’s trust is on SAMSUNG and they wait for its new phone. The dear user now this phone is at moderate cost and full of features. There are some features of Galaxy A51 is mentioned below-

  • Quad camera setup
  • Triple SIM tray
  • Long-lasting Battery
  • Awesome screen
  • Awesome Gaming experience
  • Best video experience
  • Secure Pay
  • Storage
  • Exynos 9611

Quad Camera Setup

SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 is lashed with high technology camera. The main camera on this phone is the quad-camera. Each one has awesome clarity in the image. Each one has different megapixels. Below is mentioned all about the All quad cameras.

Depth Camera

5MP Knocks unwanted noise in the background and enhance depth quality. This beautifies the background image of the target.

Main Camera

48MP it’s the main camera that has an amazingly good effect. This help to take all type of capture with the help of other three small and specified for a particular task.

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Ultrawide Camera

12 MP Capture bright and clear Image in night mode. It creates such an environment looks like having more lights. Without visible light, it also could take snaps shot.

Macro Camera

5 MP camera used for a fine Closeup shot. If you wish to take a very close image, normal phone cameras could not take a clear photo. It could help those YouTubers who shoot videos of very close objects.

These were the best effective quad cameras of Samsung Galaxy A51

Selfie Camera

The selfie camera is awesome and picture clarity is very high. SAMSUNG A51 comes with a 32 MP front selfie camera. High definition video chatting could be done by using this phone. This will also help to record videos and many more. This phone also is used for capturing videos for youtube. If you are You Tuber and you could not take a separate video camera, this phone will help you.

Triple SIM Tray

This latest phone is coming with triple card slots. Two of them are SIM card slot and One is for SD card. Both SIM slots are GSM 4G supported and 3G SIM also can be used.

Long-Lasting Battery

Battery quality is very good. When you go out and the battery is needed for your important activity. SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 has a 4000mAh battery. Its durability is too high. Users can watch 19-hour video play. This phone comes with type C charging data cable and one 15W high power charger.

Screen Quality is Awesome

SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 comes with Infinity-O Display. Optimizes visual symmetry. You can play the game, watch the video, you can surf the internet with any interruption. Its screen is awesome. Visual effect attracts the user and has a very little impact over the eye. Its screen is very big ‘16.40’ cm full HD. Size in inches is ‘6.5’ inch display powered by super AMOLED Technology. The display is bezel-less and comes with a full glass display.

Awesome Gaming experience

This phone gaming experience is very good. All games can be played easily. Its hardware configuration is very awesome. SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 is launched with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. SAMSUNG could launch it with 8GB RAM also. Hardware configuration and the latest software have a good impact on gaming.

Best Video experience

This phone screen size 6.5 inch and quality of Infinity -O and super AMOLED technology give a wonderful experience of watching movies and videos. The auto adjustable brightness feature of this phone gives cool feeling to eyes and could use a phone long time without eye pain.

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Secure Pay

In this IT era where you don’t trust any app. SAMSUNG provides a trusted payment application that is highly secured and trusted. These applications are used for all online payment. SAMSUNG provides two such applications. One is SAMSUNG Pay and another is Secure Pay by Knox. Slimness is another best feature of this phone. It is 7.9 mm thick and smart and user-friendly.


Storage is another best feature of this phone. User needs more space in the phone for storing data, images, videos, etc. SAMSUNG kept its mind and has provided huge space in SAMSUNG Galaxy A51. The internal space is 128GB. A51 is launched with 6 GB RAM, its new variants could be launched with 8GB RAM. Hardware advancement is the main feature of this phone. Without high storage and memory phone could not perform well. All the latest games could be run on this phone.

Exynos 9611

SAMSUNG has used advanced microprocessors. The speed of the phone or PC depends on the processor. Consequently, The processor is called the mind of electronic gadgets. As per advancement in IT, it requires a high-speed processor and day by day many companies are launching their best processor in the market. In this phone, the processor is of 8 Core, called Octa-core Exynos 9611. This gives really amazing speed and high productivity.

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Gossipfunda has published already an article on SAMSUNG One UI and TouchWiz. In short, we say One UI is one of the best UI of SAMSUNG proprietaries. This UI only be seen on SAMSUNG’s mobile phone only. Importantly, there is one mobile app in Google Play if you install in your phone, your phone setting and layout be just like original SAMSUNG. If you wish to download a search in google play store and download. Type S launcher, there would one app download and install it. And restart your phone. Subsequently, the phone will show a pop-up Home launcher and S Launcher select S launcher. Now your phone becomes just like SAMSUNG Mobile phone

SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 comes with the latest version of UI. It is One UI 2.0. And its Beta version is launched only for testing. If you wish to take its Beta Version. You should register in the SAMSUNG membership application or search another article name “SAMSUNG One UI2.0 and Beta Version”. Definitely you will get more about it.

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Quick Review

In a quick review, all features are mentioned in a list. Overall the phone is good in this range and this one is an awesome phone od Samsung A series. This is lash with the latest technologies and hardware. No sluggish in game playing or video watching.

Quick Overview of A51

Rear Camera – Quad  

  • 48 MP, Main camera
  • 12 MP, Ultrawide camera
  • 5MP, Depth Camera
  • 5MP, Macro Camera

Selfie Camera

Single 32 MP, awesome clarity.


  • Infinity -O display super AMOLED technology-based.
  • Size -6.5” Inch or 14.20 cm.


4000 mAh,19-hour video play backup.


15 W high-speed charger for quick charging.


Octa-core Exynos 9611 processor is used. Boost up the phone speed and provide sluggish free operation.


Internal 128 GB and 6GB RAM. fast speed no sluggish issue. And can be expanded up to 256 GB of storage.

Operating system

Android 10 based phone. Supports all required facilities for a user.


One UI 2.0 is used in this phone. An advanced version of the previous version os SAMSUNG. One UI1.0 and TouchWiz.


802.11ac wireless technology is used. Supports high-speed data connectivity.


USB C type data charger provided. Easy to carry and handle it.

Back cover Material

Made up of Glasstic. Scratch-resistant and tough. Prevents from scratches.

SIM Tray

Two sim card slot and one SD card slot. Both SIM supported as 4G Network.


GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Dark mode, touch Sensitive, etc.


So, It’s all features and qualities make the SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 an awesome phone of ‘A’ series. This phone is launched in January and available now for sale. It can be ordered from SAMSUNG store, etc and some other trusted sites. To clarify, Gossipfunda never takes any responsibility if e-commerce delivers the wrong product. always prefer only a trusted e-commerce platform or directly purchase from the store. The phone is awesome in this range amount of Rs 23,999(in India) or $292.99 (in other countries) as per price on 5 Feb 2020. It may vary so check it from the store or any other sources. For more information visit Samsung’s official website.

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