Samsung Cloning Software- Magician, Migration, Mini Tool Partition Wizard

Hey guys, today, our article is all concerning to clone a hard drive with the help of Samsung Cloning Software. As the Mini Tool Partition Wizard as shortly. Suppose you don’t know the process to clone a hard disk and where we need this in real-time. No worries, there are several essential steps to do. Please keep reading the article for information about Samsung cloning Software and Mini Tool Partition Wizard. Samsung Cloning Software is required during installation of SSD in laptop or PC

What is Samsung Cloning Software?

This software is only about how to clone a hard drive. Samsung cloning software by using Mini Tool Partition Wizard. Let us go into detail about the software and why we clone the hard drive. Samsung has become a world-famous technical company, and that provides the users with all the comfortable apps. Available devices like tablets, Cameras, TV, mobile phone, SSD, refrigerator, etc. There is a perfect evaluation from these products, and SSDs are getting all the expected smart features. Even a lot of users manage to utilize the PC or computer as their new accommodation tools. But many SSDs users don’t understand whereby to clone a hard drive to Samsung SSDs. We are working to continue with the creation of professional Samsung Cloning Software.

Probably many users might have an idea of Samsung cloning software as Samsung Data Magician. This software data magician released by Samsung allows users to quickly and can migrate all of their data.

Samsung Data Magician
Samsung Data Magician

They can also send the operating systems, applications software, and the customer’s data from the customer’s current storage devices. Those are later transferred to the new Samsung SSDs. Maybe sometimes the users have got an alert regarding system migration software failure. It fails to attempt the task cause of some limitations. Better a high learned hard drive cloning software is reasonably suggested. 


  • The Magician SSD management utility is designed to perform with all Samsung SSD devices, you can download it from official site.
  • Samsung Data Migration software: download
  • Mini Tool Partition Wizard: Download, visit the official site
  • Download for Firmware, driver, Samsung SSD DC Toolkit, Portable SSD Software for MacOS or windows, Samsung Authentication Utility for memory Card and UFD: Official Site

How does Samsung Cloning Software work?

Comprehending what the article is, let have a brief look at the Samsung data migration process in windows 10. We can take an example as a prone edition that is a clone system from the MBR disk to the GPT disk.  

Samsung Cloning Software
Samsung Cloning Software
  1. Preliminary work as the Basic disc by the clone system. First, connect the Samsung hard drive to the PC or computer. Make assured that your device is accepted by the Windows operation and works appropriately. 
  2. On the target disk better to back up all the data or files; check once before starting the process as the cloning process will clean all of them saved in the system.
  3. The users can view some of the features and the device layout after launching the Mini Tool data migration at the main interface’s first window. Then the Mini Tool partition Wizard will select the device disk as the default option. You choose and tap the Copy Disk Wizard option to start the process.
  4. Choose the storage location to copy the disk information and content. Recognize that the mark disk is fundamental, and all the data or content in it will be cleaned. For assuming, if it is a Progressive disk, better convert the effective disk to a basic disk in approach. Click to proceed to move forward. 
  5. You will be displayed a prudent measure that all the data will be cleared. In the chosen disk, confirm the continue option and move to the next page.
  6. Fit partitions to the entire disk option will copy and adapt the partition size storage to the whole disk. Then choose the copy button you prefer. If the target disk is not smaller than the source or basic disk, then this Copy Partitions without resizing is displayed on the main window. 
  7. Users can also drag the slider of the partition size then click next to continue. Configure the PC/computer BIOS frames and notice that a new disk is performed as the fault boot disk. The Mini Tool Partition Wizard instructs all this in the Samsung cloning software. Click the subsequent button.
  8. After the entire process, you can view the whole process in your target or destination disk in the main interface. Here pick option -> Apply; this causes all the settings to impact when you verify the disk cloning.
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After completion of the process, the Samsung cloning process >is successfully finished by the MiniTool. It is your choice to convert the BIOS settings if you want windows to boot from the destination disk.


  • Mini Tool Partition Wizard will perform the device cloning or disk cloning adequately. No matter that is your source or the destination drive that is presented by Samsung. You can free to download Mini Tool Partition Wizard if it is a non-cloning device well.
  • When your Copy Disk Wizard on the right action, that will begin to the foremost interface window board. Then this directs you to pick the beginning disk. Click the Copy option will allow the disk to select the destination or target one. 
  • Mini Tool partition needs the system reboot during the process of cloning the device disk. That seeped up the process and will finish all the functions and operations after the reboot process.

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Samsung Cloning Software – MiniTool Partition Wizard

Summarily addressing, MiniTool Partition Wizard is the most reliable partition option imparted by millions of Windows clients by the Samsung Cloning Software. This is a crucial partitioning management software disk. That is used to resolve the Partition bar gets red and the virus attack issue to recover lost partitions. That is used to convert the dynamic disk to the basic for downloaded systems. This converts FAT32 to NTFS to place in the storage location in single heavy files.

We have the advantage of changing the cluster’s size and taking full advantage of the disk storage space. And users can clone for the massive drive-in upgrade. That converts the hard drive to SSD for a clone. Samsung Cloning Software allows a Bootable partition wizard feature. This partition the magic alternative to create and provide with bootable partition wizard. This software copes up with the vast drive management problem when the system defaults to boot.

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Knowing the details of the Samsung Cloning Software, we must understand the purpose of why we clone the Hard drive or in what situation we do this.

  • When your hard drive is facing some issues to function, and you need to send the hard disk to repair. In this situation, better to clone all the content or data on the drive. As if there is any data loss, the repair center is not responsible for that data.
  • Suppose you want to shift windows to any SSD and to run the operating windows with outstanding functionality on the hard disk drive. This is done to overcome the HDDs shortages and observe the SSD Vs. HDD knows the variations.
  • When you want to store more data in your small hard drive, but as time passes, the hard disk drive not able to satisfy the requirement of the storage of data or content more. Therefore, you must clone the hard disk drive to the bigger one.
  • If you want to backup your hard disk drive, and in case if your hard disk is affected by some operations and mistakenly all the data is erased. Or in case the disk is corrupted for some possible reasons. Habitually, it is better to have the emergency of cloning copy in hand.
  • In case if you want to sell your PC or computer, then I recommend you to have the critical data as another copy. Then wipe the disk on your PC or computer.
  • When, as an administrator, they may have many computers containing the same configuration to be downloaded. Next, so that you can download an eligible computer and perform with the hard drive cloning to produce a model. Even with the required applications, this makes work more comfortable.

In case of Data lost

If the users want to encounter the loss of data or content caused by manual errors and hard drive issues. When there is no availability for the cloning to make a copy. You can best go to the Data Recovery feature by Samsung Cloning Software with Mini Tool Partition Wizard. With this, we can try to recover the lost data or content. As this is the only feature that enables the read-only content recovery characteristic. This will rely on the lost content and allows it to prevent leakage privacy. Besides this, the disk which is booted will allow restoring the content or data when operating a PC or computer. This cannot have the options for boot in the settings.

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At the end of the article, Samsung Cloning Software, I hope you must have got an idea of the software and process for cloning the hard disk. Indeed, the information which is given in the article why you necessitate to clone the hard disk. How to utilize Samsung cloning software. In actuality, Mini Tool Partition Wizard clones the computers or PC hard disk correctly but also clones the content drive adequately. Additionally, this can even follow each partition for the backup destination. You just need to install the Mini Tool Partition Wizard for the free publication to endure its emphasis. If you still have any queries, you can comment in the comment box below. Thank you.

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