Safebooru is a search engine for all the users who are a great fan of anime and its creations. This engine will help to search for any anime wallpapers. Get ur hand on the biggest article on anime

When technology meets invention, then revolution comes. In today’s world population is increasing at a faster rate. People are also using technology, and everything gets decided with sheer smartness. The usage of technology is also growing very steadily. As jobs are growing, the pressure is building up. So people are getting too much engaged in their work, and therefore they start to forget their social life.  But they try to spend time on search engines.


A Search engine is like an engine of a car. It has to use its brain to get some results. In day to day life, people come across various incidents, photos, experience, and different types of words. Many people know what they are saying and telling. But many people do not understand some terms. For them, there is an online database called SEARCH ENGINE. A user can search for anything, and he/she can get the result in less than a second.

A search engine is like a waiter, and it is always ready to serve you with proper skills and services. There are many ways or places or real-time scenarios where we use search engines. Firstly let us take an incident or a situation of a student. A student is like new to real-life experiences. So he does not know what is happening in the world. So this curiosity ultimately takes him to search engines to search for random things. If he/she has to do a project, then to rely on others is a foolish thing. Instead, they can take the help of a search engine and find out how to do projects. It looks straight forward.

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“Safebooru” search engine

Without a search engine, probably our lives would be doomed. We will not be able to talk and trade with the outer world. There would be no Facebook or anything. No websites will get hosted for customers. A search engine also ensures security for its customers. Some very skilled developers are in a move about its safety. A search engine has the most massive known database. The developers always need to carry out some modernization. The database is the heart of a search engine. Search engine hosts around 1000 sites and it ranks itself according to more searches. So a search engine actually or we can say indirectly controls the world gross income. Because if search engines are down, then there will be no working websites. So there will be no transactions, and companies will get into a loss. Technology dominates everything.

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Websites are the main assets of a search engine. The sites are there to serve customers. Because through search engines, the traffic for the websites will come, and for this visit, the developers of the website will earn money. So you can imagine the importance of a search engine. There are many search engines available out there. The most important being Google and Bing.

So there should be proper knowledge to handle a search engine using some search engine tools. You have to search for an appropriate keyword that will have most searches.

Like these searching engines, there is an engine called “safebooru.” The platform for hosting is Google. It is a search engine that is used to find anime pictures. “safebooru” is mainly made for children who want to see their favorite anime or want to remember some old anime memories.

safebooru main site


“safebooru” is like children to Firstly Gelbooru is a search engine for anime and hentai pictures. But later, its team shifted to “safebooru” and created this search engine for only anime pictures. So the team has its offset to “safebooru” using the same software. The idea of the creation of “safebooru” come when Danbooru dropped their idea.

So by seeing and reading up to this, a question should have come to your mind. If you are a newbie or do not know anime??

An anime is a hand-made and computer-generated animation that originates mainly from japan. The anime mostly comes to discussion for their appearances, vibrant color styling, and fantastic themes. It has evolved with distinct production methods and techniques, along with the newest and advanced technologies. Anime comprises of graphic designing, cinematography, and other forms of creative tools and ways.  

An anime production goes in a different way. It does not focus on the animation of the movement, but it works on technical and cinematic aspects. The team focusses on the use of camera and special effects, zooming, and angle shots. There is a gap between anime and reality, which provides an ideal path for the team to create a world where people can relax from stress and tensions in the real world. For all these processes and actions, there are many proportions in which counts, also uses different diversified art styles and many other things.

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Long years ago, the anime was in market through DVDs and CDs and studios help in clipping the videos.


There are artists behind a character in an anime. So there are voice-overs which give the character a real effect. But you will be surprised to hear that in long back years, the anime got produced with traditional techniques using the pose to pose approach. Anime and Disney had a big difference in their culture. Disney emphasized the movement, but anime focussed on art quality.

The fascinating fact is that the animation gets produced the voice acting, which is the total opposite of American animation. Anime is cinematically shot, and the primary objective is to have control over cameras, zooming, and shot angles.

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“safebooru” is a search engine just like google. But it is more specific. “safebooru” focusses on anime pictures and wallpapers.

Anime Lovers GET IT!!!

The team has created “safebooru” with a standard programming language. The coding language for “safebooru” is the PHP programming language. The team handles the database using MongoDB or sometimes Python.

“safebooru” also shows us some statistics showing the number of posters, number of comments, or the highest number of comments, the rankings of different anime posts, and other stuff.

safebooru: ENGINE TO LIFT OFF!!

The team has also used some new techniques like hashtags, which have started to trend from Instagram and twitter. “safebooru” shows us the full report of the highest number of hashtags, including the density of a hashtag in a particular place or a region.

When you go to the website of “safebooru,” you can see a standard UI based website. The team probably insisted on focusing on anime rather than making the site more attractive. I think they focus on quantity rather than quality. But they have a sweet theme on which several posts get updated continuously. There will be a search option, or we can say a bar on which you have to type the subject you want to search for. Then after some time, you can see your anime searches as photos and wallpapers. As they have a vast data collection, you can never get disappointed.

Creating an account

Creating an account will help in saving the searches. So like other websites, you have to sign up and create an account there on that website. After signing in, the team will assign you a unique personal ID that will get registered in their database. 

So there will be not a problem to see your saved searches. After that, you have to confirm your email account to stay trusted on that website. There you can see several posts or the highest voted position. You can tag that photo to someone and enjoy it. There you can also view the comments that you have posted.

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Creating an account

Along with your comments, a user can also see other comments and also the feedback which has got more likes as there are many names of many photos, so it is not surprising that more than one photo will have the same name. So a word has come up to clarify and clear this problem. The word is “alias.” It means that there will be a unique nickname for every individual. The team of “safebooru” also used this concept. They used the alias system to name there each picture so that they and a user will be comfortable in choosing a common alias.


One very good and a humble way is that “safebooru” always tries to keep the authenticity and transparency. The team also keeps records of the authors or the artists who are posting any photos, comments out there. So a user can even know the author who has published that anime photo.

There are some posts which are public and some are private. But a user of the “safebooru” search engine can know about all this information by going to the pool section. In that section, there is a list just like MS-Excel. In that list, the alias of the photo is there along with the name of the author. An author’s lifetime number of posts should be there, along with the picture being public or private. So “safebooru” is a classic example of a search engine that has much transparency. It has focussed on one area of interest. Anime creation and posting go hand in hand at “safebooru”. So I think that “safebooru” should be the godfather for every anime lovers.


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