Retrieve deleted messages on Android without computer

Using third-party programs like Dr. Fone, X-Plore File Manager, SMS Backup, or Google One’s drive-based backup capability, you can Retrieve deleted messages on Android without a computer.

I reacted inappropriately when I unintentionally deleted a crucial instant message from my Android phone. I tried several methods to retrieve the deleted SMS. Due to its layout and user-friendly interface, the Dr. Fone application was incredibly easy to use.

I’ll explain how to use Dr. Fone or other programs that function similarly to recover deleted text messages on Android without a computer in this article.

How to retrieve deleted messages on android without computer?

On Android, there are several ways to recover deleted SMS, without a PC. Use third-party software to accomplish this. Since Android doesn’t always delete texts from the device immediately, you can recover the deleted messages. They are mainly deleted at the time when more space is needed by the device to store some extra information. In any case, Android overwrites them, and once that’s done, you can’t get your messages back.

The seven ways listed below might help you easily recover deleted instant messages on your Android phones.

Retrieve deleted messages on Android without computer

Using Dr. Fone to Retrieve deleted messages on Android without computer

You can attempt to recover deleted Android instant messages without a PC by using Dr. Fone. You may obtain this program from the Play Store. The dr. Fone app is available for Android phones without PC, which is the most crucial thing.

Once the program has been installed effectively, you can open it. A root access warning will appear after signing into the application. Accept it to continue further.

  • Take the “Message Recovery” option at the next step.
  • Go ahead and click “Continue” if you find this application to be intriguing. Select or press the “Scan” option to recover deleted Android instant messages without a computer. Then a list of your deleted instant messages will appear.
  • You can select “Recovery” to retrieve your deleted instant message. You may recover deleted Android instant messages without a PC by using this approach, which is quite straightforward.

Making use of SMS Backup to Retrieve deleted messages on Android without computer

Despite being simple to use, this application has amazing capabilities.

  • You may install this app by downloading it from the Play Store. Additionally, you can click “Prepare Backup” when you open this application. It mainly depends upon you want information you want to take the backup of.
  • There are many choices available, including calls, SMS, or both. You also decide where the backup will be sent. Google Drive, Dropbox, or internal storage are the options.
  • You can click Next if there is a probability that it is not definite.
  • Click “Ok.” If you upload it to google drive then in that case you should have logged into Google Account first.
  • The backup will be made at the time of either using the device with Wi-Fi or while charging. You have the option of scheduling daily, weekly, or hourly backups.
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Use X-Plore Retrieve deleted messages on Android without computer

Utilizing the X-Plore File Manager is the third method you can use.

  • The X-Plore File Manager application must first be downloaded and installed.
  • After being installed, you can access the application’s built-in Mail folder. It happens occasionally that you can’t find the folder, possibly because the system folder is typically hidden.
  • To make it display on your portable mobile, choose the menu tab, go to Tools, then Configuration.
  • You can even Tap 0 buttons. You can even see it in mail folder which message you want to retrieve.

After choosing which texts you want to recover, select Menu and then press File. Naturally, the deleted instant messages may be recovered if you followed the proper technique.

GT SMS Recovery to Retrieve deleted messages on Android without computer

Without a computer, deleted Android instant messages can be recovered using a program called GT SMS Recovery. The capabilities of the two kinds are comparable, one for Android and another for Windows.

It can recover call history, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp chat history, and instant message data. However, you must first set up your cell phone to be able to use GT SMS Recovery. As soon as your device has been set up install this application.

The next step is to start this application, at which time you should select Start. The application will repeatedly ask you to set up your phone if it hasn’t already in the unlikely event that it hasn’t.

The argument behind it is that the program needs to be a Super Administrator to have the choice to restore information that has been deleted. The application will deal with the deleted instant message data after you press the Start new scan button.

Hold on until the Scan Finished message appears and the percentage reaches 100%. Click Recover Selected SMS after Selecting the instant message whatever you want to recover.

Using Undeleter Recover Files and Data

Introducing this program is the next strategy you can try. On Android, this program successfully recovers deleted data. Additionally, this application is constantly updated and is only 7.3 MB in size.

This application can restore information that has been deleted or moved owing to deteriorated memory. However, this tool can also recover a variety of documents, including instant messaging (pictures, music, reports, and important documents).

  • Additionally, downloading this application is cost-free. Downloading and installing this application is the first thing you must perform. When a root access demand appears, you then launch the application and click Allow.
  • The Restore File/Restore Data button should be chosen. There will be 2 Clear choices specifically Journal Scan and Deep Scan.
  • After you’ve made this decision, Click the Scan button which is there at the button of the screen.
  • Wait till the documents start to appear. Select the file, instant message, media file, or image that has to be recovered. Once you’ve located it, save it by clicking the icon in the upper right corner.
  • You can choose the program that is easiest for you to use after trying it out separately. Your missing instant messages should all ideally reappear.
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Google One

Your Android smartphone can be backed up using Google One. This backs up SMS or instant messages along with your documents, pictures, call logs, apps, app information, gadget settings, and other data. You need not worry about security and nowhere your information can be leaked as Google Account is encrypted. You may support your Android smartphone in this way by using Google One.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Select Google by descending to the base.
  • You’ll see your important record. If you want to make any changes to your record, click the dropdown arrow next to your email address to switch to a different Google account.
  • Under Services on this Device, tap Backup.
  • In the bottom right corner of your screen, there is a blue Turn on the button that you can see.
  • click the Back up now option.
  • You can rebuild your backup to Retrieve deleted messages on Android without computer and emails in this manner. You must also factory reset your device, also keep in mind to restore the backup.
  • Launch the Settings program.
  • Then select Erase all data. Your lock screen PIN or secret phrase can be demanded of you.
  • Your phone is about to restart. Count on the reinstallation of the Android OS.
  • Launch the Settings application after the factory reset is complete.
  • Return to the Backup and reset menu option.
  • To sign in, select Google and use the same Google account that you used to support the data on your device.
  • To recover your Android instant messaging without a PC, tap on Restore all synced-up information.

Keep in mind that this makes use of your Google Drive’s storage. In this manner, if you have a free record, you only get 15GB of storage. To redesign your capacity, you want to buy additional space for your Google Drive file.

SMS Backup+ App

If you’ve saved information to your Gmail account, you can use this approach. In the odd case that you haven’t already done so for your Gmail account, you can utilize this approach for backups.

  • Download the SMS Backup+ app.
  • After starting the application, choose the Connect option.
  • To grant access, choose the Gmail entry and click Allow.
  • To back up the SMS application, select it from the Backup menu.
  • Watch patiently as the application adds messages to your Gmail account.
  • In your Gmail, you can now notice a name named SMS.
  • Reopen the application, then select Restore. All of your messages on Android without a PC will be restored by doing this.

What happens When an Android Device Deletes a Text Message?

Contrary to popular misconception, deleting a text message from your Android phone doesn’t remove it from your phone forever. Because there isn’t a recycle bin that saves all of your deleted files in plain sight on your phone, they will typically be permanently gone. Android, however, hides them from you in the phone’s memory. New information may replace the erased messages. Android doesn’t permanently remove erased messages until it requires the storage space they occupied.

It should be noted that the deleted message cannot be recovered if it has been rewritten.

Retrieve deleted messages on Android without computer: Important Reminders

Avoid downloading any new software on your device

You are aware that deleted messages are simply concealed to free up memory and are eventually replaced. Only deleted text messages that haven’t been overwritten can be recovered.

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Anything you download onto your phone may overwrite any previously deleted text messages to save space. Make sure not to download anything new to your Android device if you accidentally erased something.

Take action now

You can retrieve anything you unintentionally deleted, including text messages, as soon as you can. Avoid delaying the data recovery process since you can forget and unintentionally download new items to your phone that could replace the deleted text messages. Never forget to rapidly restore erased data to prevent unintentional overwriting.

Utilize Trustworthy Recovery Apps

Don’t use the first data recovery program you find when you unintentionally destroy crucial texts. Unreliable programs might infect your phone with viruses or spyware, compromising your privacy. Always be sure to select a reliable app to prevent this.

Check the app’s ratings and reviews after you visit the play store. There’s a good probability that the app’s shortcomings or other problems are mentioned in one of the reviews. Before downloading an app, carefully read the reviews. The quantity of downloads is another thing you can check. The safer it is to use, the more downloads there are.

By default, Android regularly analyses your apps with Play Protect. You can perform a manual scan if you’ve just downloaded a new program by clicking on your profile and choosing Play Protect, then Scan. Your apps are scanned by Play Protect to look for any dangerous behavior. Android will alert you if any security issues are discovered when the scan is finished.

Avoid rebooting or restarting your Android device

When you erase a text message, it may occasionally still be present in your cache memory. The data may be erased from your Android device if you reboot it before you recover your text messages. As a result, you should always restart your device after finishing retrieving deleted messages on Android without a computer. Your chances of recovering the communications will rise as a result.

Regularly create device backups

Always make sure to frequently back up your Android phones to keep your sensitive data safe and prevent any data loss. You may simply restore data by restoring your most recent backup if you unintentionally delete something, such as your text messages, files, or images.


We hope you now know what to do in case you unintentionally deleted an SMS on your Android phone. There are seven different methods you can try on your Android device to Retrieve deleted messages on Android without a computer. The aforementioned advice should be sufficient, but to be sure that your messages are saved in case of emergency, remember to take screenshots and save backups in the cloud or on your Google Drive account.