Necessary Programs to Download on MacBook for Developer

Millions of people across the world love using Apple products. The Mac is an amazing platform because it supports lots of developer tools. As a developer, having the right tools is critical because you’ll get to build a wide range of powerful apps. These apps can help users boost their productivity and stay entertained for hours. Various studies have shown that there are more than two million Macbook gadgets registered in the App Store. With the rapid advancement of technology, this number is set to increase thus increasing the demand for developers. Since there are lots of computer solutions on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. If you’ve been wondering what you should use, this article is for you. Here are the necessary macBook developer tools for you.

Programs to Download on MacBook for Developer


This is one of the best Mac apps for a developer who wants to build software for Apple devices. It allows iPads and iPhones to share a network and make them accessible from any machine remotely. This means that you can connect to a device without having to attach it physically to your Mac. It’s a great tool for app testing and debugging. And it works well across Wi-fi, Ethernet, LAN, and other networks. Every connection will be protected with traffic encryption. Apart from using FlexiHub, you can boost your productivity by using the command line. When your macos install homebrew, you’ll automate your work and have an easy time when you use mac. You can learn more about this and the best Mac for developers by reading articles and watching videos online.


This is a platform that has a wide range of Mac developer tools. With this solution, you’ll have everything you need as a developer to build amazing apps for iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, iPad, and Apple Watch. It supports a wide range of programming languages. And offers a unified workflow for coding, user interface design, testing, and debugging. It includes IDE, Xcode, Objective – C compilers, and Swift. You are going to enjoy using the outstanding features that you’ll find here.

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Sublime Text

If you’ve been looking for a text and development editor that is fast and packed with features, Sublime Text is ideal for you. It is a sophisticated Mac development tool that will enable you to edit and write in multiple places on your document, edit easily, use your keyboard to reach the editor’s functionality, and get code snippets for a wide range of languages such as CSS, Python, C++, PHP, JavaScript, XML and LESS to name a few.


This tool is packed with lots of amazing features to help developers write error-free code. It can easily integrate with other standard tools such as FindBugs to help you identify and eliminate errors. It provides an avenue for inspecting your app speed and memory use. All Java technologies are supported by add-on converters, analyzers, and editors. Its compatibility with other operating systems makes it a great option when choosing your favorite programming software. NetBeans provides plug-in support for various languages such as HTML, C++, JavaScript, and PHP to name a few.  


This is another popular source code and text editor that is based on online tech. Most developers use it due to its modular design and beautiful UI. One of the best things about this developer tool for Mac is it supports a wide range of plugins. It allows you to use different programming languages to build your apps. Some of the benefits that you’ll get include language auto-detection, syntax highlighting, and auto-complete features to name a few.  

Sublime Text

Have you been looking for a fast text editor that is packed with lots of amazing features? If yes, you should consider going for Sublime Text. It is a sophisticated tool for code, prose, and markup. With it, you’ll get the ability to write and edit different places in your document at the same time. Editing code is easy due to the syntax highlighting feature. Some of the languages that are supported by this tool include CSS, LESS, Python, C++, and JavaScript to name a few.

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These are some of the best mac apps for developers that you can download on your computer. Which tool is your favorite? And why?