Peel Remote

Peel Remote

Peel Remote: Over the years, the Peel Remote device has degraded from one of the best universal remote devices to one of Android’s most twisted. However, several smartphone vendors had the audacity to add it as a pre-loaded feature into the computer.

Peel Smart Remote device gained enormous prominence among software enthusiasts in the early days, when the idea of “simple remote in Android phone” was still fresh.

The Android app was first released in 2009 and has acquired 25 million users in only a few years. In addition, partnerships with handset vendors such as Samsung and HTC soon transformed it into one of the most-downloaded mobile remote devices, with a 70 million consumer base.

The software was heavily criticized for a variety of factors, however. In addition to utilizing wicked methods to hold it going in the background, the Samsung TV remote software hit consumers with advertisements and overlays on the lock screens.

While the business threw an alternative to turn it off in the configuration panel, the half-hearted effort for the Peel Remote App really didn’t fix many problems.

What is it?

It’s a universal smart remote software that essentially transforms your mobile into an all-in-one controller, enabling you to monitor appliances such as tv, air conditioner, setup boxes, and even gadgets such as Roku, as well as a few other apps.

The remote app uses the built-in IR blaster which can only be reached in a few smartphones and then transforms the handheld computer into a portable system. Additionally, a few compatible devices can even be operated via WiFi.

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Converting the device into universal remote control

Revolutionize the experience of home entertainment with Peel Technology software. Peel Smart Remote is a simple device that blends the universal remote control and TV listings. This program utility uses your device’s IR blazer to power your TV and other home appliances. Alternatively, a few assisted devices can even be operated via WiFi.

Adding a device

Originally in 2009 Peel Smart Remote was released. And it has acquired 25 million users in just a few years. Such figures increased further as its creators partnered with multiple producers of smartphones and became an interactive device. The program then was one of the smart remote applications with a user base of 70 million that were most downloaded.

Peel Smart Remote utilizes infrared cannon, also known as IR blaster, to power all devices, as most smart remote applications do. IR blaster is a mobile sensor used in products that imitate electronic remotes, such as a remote TV or A.C.

Upon you open the device, simply pick the TV brand you want to monitor through your computer. When you choose to attach other devices you may also press the Other System icon. You just need to aim the handset to the device and click the Power button and see how it functions. When it does, you can now access your devices easily via your Android smartphone.

If the original button doesn’t work, start searching for alternate keys before you locate one that does. You may also link more devices to a single Internet location by pressing the Plus button under your WiFi nametag.

Peel Smart Remote also deals with phones that do not have an IR blaster while thinking about WiFi. Only wifi can be used, nothing else. Devices that are being operated by wifi are also less. The handset and the equipment both have to be on the same network to access it.

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  • Rich Gui: The interactive GUI allows it simple to work through the numerous parts of the program. In specific, the smooth flipping between networks and directions.
  • Comprehensive TV guide: The Television guide lets you select between series and episodes in various types. You will check for “what’s happening” and “recently viewed.” The guide provides details about the upcoming programs and also gives you customized tips.
  • Digital Remote:  Replica Remotes used in the program carry all controls, identical to a real device, making it easier to quickly shift channels. You may even create a centralized feature, and connect your own networks.
  • Youtube Live:  The software also lets you remotely beam videos from YouTube with video viewing platforms such as Roku and Chromecast.
  • Speech Control:  The voice assistant inside the software will help you monitor your television’s simple features, such as “Switch on a TV” or “increase volume by 10,” although it only operates on certain TVs.

How to use

Using IR Blaster

A common smart remote device, all devices are operated primarily by the IR blaster a.k.a infrared blaster. It is somewhat close to a mobile sensor which is used in many remotes such as A.C, T.V, etc.

If you have an IR blaster on your phone, follow the steps below-

  • Install it for Android edition from the Google Store and iOS apps from the Apple Store. Open the software
  • Click on the tv brand or press on certain apps if you need to connect additional gadgets such as AC or Home Theater
  • Point your phone to the gadget and hit the power button to see whether it clicks on.
  • When the buttons are mounted up, you can now easily use your Android Remote to power your TV or every other TV

If initial checking of the button does not work, you should look for alternate buttons before you find a functioning one.

You may even connect multiple apps to the same position after you have set up one specific computer. Just tap the Plus button right under your WiFi tag.

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Use the online Peel Wireless Wifi Setup

 Peel only operates via WiFi with computers that do not have IR technology.

So when you open the program, the installation of the WiFi application configuration should arrive with a pop-up. As of now, only a few devices are available which can be operated via WiFi.

Note: The phone and gadget should be placed on the same network for this to function.

What will the user get?

When you will download the application, it will guide you to set up and use your device. All you need to do is confirm your venue, pick your television provider and match the device with all your home electronics. You’ll just need to use one remote with various apps after that.

Yet the device doesn’t only wind up-regulating the TV, AC and other devices manually. Peel Smart Remote also provides a detailed TV guide that lets you select between series and episodes in various genres. You will scan for popular shows with the device, or display the episodes recently viewed. You may also receive information regarding the shows you watch, as well as tailored reviews.

This smart remote does not contain any virus. It ensures you’ll be distracted by loads of commercials. In reality the device puts advertisements without permission on the lock screen. So, prepare to see advertisements once you open your computer if you want to use this device.

How to have easier control?

Peel Smart Remote isn’t that terrible of an app when you look at the features, particularly when it comes free. This runs on famous television models and also lets you monitor certain apps. And with its comprehensive TV guide collection, it’ll be simple to pick which series to watch. Plus, the longer you use it, the more the quality can be customized. The repetitive ads are very irritating. Each moment you open the tab, advertisements are terrible enough. Yet the other stage is having them in your lock screen. When you can conquer it, however, so you can use the software to make things more comfortable.

Why is it criticized?

To be honest this sector of the company has been in loss due to its bad reviews over the years. Throughout 2017, the company launched immoral lock screen advertising and overlays to malign marketing practices.

Without approval, the program started inserting advertisements on the lock screen. As a consequence, people got annoyed as they still saw an ad any time their phone was activated. Shockingly, the device gave no way to turn it off.


In this article we learned about peel remote, its features, how to use it and what we expect. We also gained information from the darker side that why was it being criticized. But in the end this device is meant to be a universal remote control and is invented to make your life easy.

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