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Paranoid Android

“Paranoid Android” was released as the leading track on the third studio album, OK Computer (1997) by the German Radiohead Alternative Rock Band, on 26 May 1997.

It was released as the leading track on the third studio album. OK Computer (1997) by the German Radiohead Alternative Rock Band, on 26 May 1997. During a disagreeable encounter in a Los Angeles restaurant, the texts were composed by singer Thom Yorke. The album lasts for more than six minutes with four parts. It is named after Marvin’s Douglas Adams series The Hitchhiker’s Galaxy Guide.

Paranoid Android

It is released as the lead single on the OK Computer is classified on the UK Singles Chart number three. The music reviewers were well received. The album has consistently featured on lists of the greatest songs ever.

His animated music video by Magnus Carlsson. While the network blocked portions involving nakedness in the US. It was heavily aired onto MTV. The single was nominated for Best English Single at the 1998 Brit Awards. Artists in a variety of genres covered the album. The Radiohead 2008: The best of.

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Marvin the Paranoid Android 

In the Galaxies Guide by Douglas Adams, Marvin the Paranoid Android is a fictitious feature. Marvin is the operator of the crew on the Heart of Gold starship. Marvin was initially designed into one of the many abandoned iterations of GPP. And become extremely depressed and lonely, partially. Because he had the “brain the size of a planet, that he barely ever had. Marvin says that he’s 50 000 times smarter than a person (or 30 bills).



“The robot became known as Marshall, according to Douglas Adams.” In fact, in one of Hitchhiker’s early sketches. The name was changed to the word’ Marvin’ in part to avoid triggering an offense, but also because of Adams’s idea that on the radio the name would sound like’ Martial’ and would have an unwanted connotation. It was also named’ Marvin’ It was a humor artist, so it was just like that.’ In Shakespeare’s What You Like, A. Milne is the Eeyore or Jacques and owes perhaps more to Adams ‘ own times of sadness. Marvin doesn’t exhibit fear, though Zaphod does not either.

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In reality, Marvin doesn’t show any signs of paranoia, but Zaphod calls them “the Android Paranoid.” Nor displays some symptoms of mania, while the term “manically stressed robot” is alluded to by Ford. He is still dark all day. Indeed, he has a rare stoicism, content to wait for his bosses for hundreds of milliards of years.


Two pop singles released — “Marvin / Metal Man” and” Reasons to Be Miserable / Marvin I Love You “(double B-side) by Stephen Moore.


The 1981 publication of “Marvin.” The song features Marvin detailing his woes (“My moving bits are strong”) and complaints (“You know what really makes me a fool? They pick up me with the Brillo Pad”), for synth-building purposes. It is a minor success that reached number 52 throughout the Uk charts.

Stephen Moore, the radio and television show character of Marvin, performed the voice. Moore also told the captain of the ship on the B deck.

Paranoid Android 12

The B-side was “Metal Man.” The song features an interchange with the captain of the starship (also Moore, Much as a character from a ghost radio) and the Marvin sad robot. Marvin has reduced to a menial servant thanks to saving the ship. That’s a robot’s collection.

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The Double B-Side

The 1981 publication of “Reasons To Be Miserable.” Their official name was The Double “B” Side, and Polydor[8] released a second B-Side track on Depressive Discs. The album features Marvin’s explanation of his life story, a synthesizer’s backing. “I’d be a bit happier if you broke up me for spares.” The title refers to Ian Dury’s “Reasons for Cheerfulness, Part 3.”

The other half of the B was “Marvin I Love You.” Marvin outlines the quest in eons following the reception of a love letter from his repositories. Kimi Wong-O’Brien provides the female voice. From 2008 on, the list was 56 among Dr. Demento’s official website’s top 100 favorite news items.

Marvin’s lullaby

Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is the phrase “try to count electric shepherds?”Which influenced Blade Runner’s script. In the radio show, Stephen Moore sings a tone like “Abendsegen,” from Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel. In the same way, that was the story of a radio station. At the close of the 2012 live radio show, the singles did.

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Outside the Hitchhiker’s universe

When asked what’s wrong, XJ-7 of the “Sibling Flood” episode of the animated series My Life as a Teenage Robot answer: “The normal, Life, the cosmos, all things,” not just Marvin but the “Absolute Problem of Existence, the World, and All Things.” This was a key theme in the plot of the show.

The UK progressive rock band Radiohead titled their album after Marvin in 1997.

In the Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul 2008 radio show, the roots of Marvin (including Sirius Cybernetics Corporation and the handheld computer HitchHikers) have been published.

In season 4, Dirk Gently calls a colleague of his, Sirius Cybernetics, who is now collaborating for Sirius McDuff. Even mechanical groans and air-pistons are listening as background noises. At the end of the phone call, Stephen Moore’s electronics say “Richard, I think we might have a diode problem”. In the Q series episode” Quests: Part II “of the Qi panel game, Marvin->the winner.

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Magnus Carlsson (illustrator)

Carlsson is one of the most popular and successful animators in Sweden. He began his professional animation in 1988 and since then has been producing a variety of animated films and TV shows. Then he has created the video of Radiohead for the song. The Three Friends and Jerry broadcast to more than 100 countries.


Robin (TV series)

It is a painting by Dave Avellone, the Swedish Cartoonist Magnus Carlsson.

It is the main character who lives in an apartment and receives social services and jobs.

Benjamin is the closest friend of Robin’s. It’s a self-described’ Cheegro’ and heavily drinks.

In his early years of his 20s and his best friend Benjamin, Robin’s 30 episodes center on the bachelor, the most unemployed Swedish. Whilst they do not seem to do anything positive with their lives, they are part of a variety of misadventures and most lead to a non-sectionary end.

The couple (or sometimes Robin alone) will have the rules, the drunks, the flashers, and other strange characters.

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In 1997, after the English band, Radiohead watched Robin on Channel 4. Magnus Carlsson came to make a video for Robin for their album. When you lock yourself in your room, Carlsson embraced and created the initial concept for the song. Staring out at the window and listening repeatedly to it alone. The band turns up on a cameo bar in the Paranoid song. Where they sit at a table to drink and watch a guy dancing with his head on his chest. The video features a guy who worries.


Carlsson made a related series named Lisa after Robin. A young girl in a traditional family was the holder’s character. She even lived in a series of flats like Robin, sharing her about her adventures. The sound of the series was much wider than Robin’s. And it mostly took place in the animation blocks of children.

The Three Friends and Jerry

The Three Friends and Jerry is a Swedish / German / British animation television film De three vännerna och Jerry. This series was the creation of Magnus Carlsson. And produced in association with Nickelodeon UK and Nickelodeon Germany by Happy Life and TMO-Loonland Films GmbH (whose initial conception came down after the program and then screened at Fox Kids in Germany).

Da Möb

The da Möb animated series is about three young people. Who makes up a band about rap. Da Möb is a Swedish-American-Canadian animation series by Magnus Charles. They embark on misadventures. And try to achieve a record deal but they’re untalented and fail to make it in the recording industry. The transmission between 2001 and 2002 in the United States and between 2002 and 2003 in Sweden.

The word Da Möb comes with a heavy metal umlaut joke from The Mob.

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