Pandora radio: App Apk Mod

Pandora radio: App Apk Mod

  • What is new: Pandora app, Pandora mod apk, Pandora cracked apk
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac
  • Includes: Online streaming platform, offline music downloader, podcasts, uninterrupted music, and fun

What is Pandora radio?

So basically, Pandora radio is an online music streaming platform the same as Spotify and raaga and many more. It is not yet released in India, so many of us maybe haven’t heard about it, and most of us don’t know about this. Originally an American music streaming service which is now providing streaming facilities only to the users in the U.S.A after stopping its services in Australia and New Zealand.

It is powered by the Music genome and the headquarters situated in Oakland, California. Operated by Sirius XM satellite radio, and it is available in the united states. After the app plays the songs, the user also asked to provide feedback.

It is available in both browsers and also android application. The basic features are provided for free in this app. Whereas in paid or premium, you will avail add free, offline music and also improved music streaming options. It is founded in January of 2000, first started as Savage Beast Technologies.

As of now, only the U.S. is served by this streaming app. In short, The main and important pillars and founders include Will Glaser, John Kraft Tim Westergren. As of 2018, it is providing services to 71.4 million(active). In 2014 it had a jaw-dropping 70% share of the internet radio market.

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How it all started?

Moreover, it was founded in 2000, actually as a music streaming service in the hope of creating a separate music station with the preference of each user. Pandora runs out of funding in the initial 2001. After running out of funding in 2001. Working hard to come out of hard times, the founders even tried and succeeded in convincing almost 50 employees to work without salaries for almost a period of two years.

The company name was changed to Pandora Media in 2005. On the other hand, the company went public in 2011 on the New York stock exchange. In 2013, it announced that the company has 200 million users, with 70 million active monthly users.

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A resource also said that by 2013 70, % of us citizens were listening to this online streaming service. There was initially a 40hr per month limitation, which was later removed in 2013. Notifications about favorite artists were introduced in 2015. By then, they have also added an, unlike button. In 2017, it has stopped its services in countries including Australia and New Zealand. And in 2019, the then CEO Lynch was replaced by Sirius XM CEO Jim Meyer. Also, in 2019, it introduced its own in-app voice assistant.

They have also introduced Pandora stories, which allow artists to add their own voice to the tracks. In 2020, they have signed to release a multiplayer superhero based podcasts. In 2015 it acquired Ticket fly for about 450million dollars. As of 2019, Pandora was $3.5 billion in stocks.

So what does it have??

So as we have discussed, it has two types :

  • Paid (add free, offline music)
  • Unpaid (adds and breaks, only online streaming)

Listeners can create their own stations and channels to listen to their favorite songs or can listen to other stations. Also, if a station or artist gets more dislikes, then the artists will be removed from the selected station and also from suggestions. Every three or four songs will have an advertisement for free service. 

Through this, listeners can purchase songs in retail mediums like iTunes. The songs are selected and divided based on the syncopation, key tonality, and vocal harmonies total consisting of 450 different options.

In 2016, it introduced Pandora plus, which provides users with unlimited skips, replays and also allowing to stream unlimited without advertisements. It also introduced an on-demand service similar to that of Spotify and iTunes.

In 2017, it introduced Pandora premium, allowing users to create their own personalized stations and also stream unlimited songs without adds and also provided with more skips and replays. It has an algorithm that filters karaoke covers and sounds, which will speed its streaming service and separate genuine songs from album cover songs.

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There are always some cons involved!

It is only restricted to the united states using I.P. address blocking as per DMCA guidelines. Then they added the option to skip more songs than usual by viewing adds in extra to free users. Pandora is available on IOS and also in blackberry devices with the same restrictions and services as Android. If a user has an unlocked blackberry mobile by other than at&t, T-Mobile some other, they can use Pandoraservices directly through any online browser.

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The benefits!

Pandora is available for almost any mobile user, including Android, iOS, blackberry, windows, and also pc. Pandora provided direct services to MSN radio. Asa consumer-oriented music streaming service as of 2011, 88% of its revenue came from advertising. It also worked for providing on-chip services through integrated and embedded systems for Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony.

But with the issues and negotiations with us senate and government, it continued to stay in business as the royalty fees are reduced and allowed its company with Sound Exchange in 2009. Windows and Mac users can have services of Pandora by subscribing to Pandora’s one’s services, which uses adobe air without using a web browser. Also, it provides almost all the services.

First, it provided services only to the paid subscribers. But it saw a downfall in the market, so it started to provide free services. It started to provide services with advertisements. And, started playing adds per hour in certain geographical locations. It plays almost as much as 6 adds per hour, yes you have heard it right. Its revenue increased from 450 million to 125 million in just two years from 2010-2012.

Pandora does its advertising in different ways, including audio adds. It comes with an interval of 20 min with approximately 20 seconds of duration per each add. But these add only tend to show up when the users interact with the application. Next comes the banner adds, which can be visible on the wallpapers of the sites. The app pulls up adds by using the online user data such as browsing activity. Then it targets the users with adds of his interest.

However, this will not be the case for subscribed users as they will be given additional free accounts. It has two marketing segments, one dedicated specially for English listeners and another for Spanish. It has now developed voice controls for playing and controlling its app in its latest version. Also, it can be easily integrated with smartwatches and bands which use google wear os. This also provides notifications, such as the new songs being displayed on the home screen. It also shows playlists bases on mood orientation.

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Mod apk:

As it is a paid app, people tried to mod it, and some have succeeded. Its features include

  • Unlimited skips
  • No adds/timeouts
  • Music downloader option
  • Likes notification
  • 192kbps Pandoraone support

Some of the links for mod apk have been attached: Click Here

Note: If you want to use Pandora in other countries, you need to use a VPN.

A VPN is an application that changes the device’s location and opens up gateways and bridges in various countries allowing users to access data that is vanned in a particular country. Some of the famous VPNs include NordVPN, orbot, and Psiphon pro. You can download this VPN from the play store or AppStore.

App Pandora One Cracked Mod Apk
Version Latest release with mod
Android version Android 2.3 and above
A.D. And yes it adds free
Important features Unlimited Skips, replays and no adds and offline music
APK file size 21MB
Total Downloads till now 3,800,000+

These are the features of Pandora cracked apk. (Download it on your risk)


We here at gossipfunda try to provide our readers with the best knowledge we can, and that is available in the world technology developments. This may not be the best of streaming platforms, but it comes with the most user-friendly and interactive structure.

It provides you with podcasts customizable search results. An algorithm integrated with Ai and machine learning, which includes search results according to your interests. Along with its integrity over various platforms, including Android, iOS and blackberry, along with windows and mac. 

I have tried this application( Pandora app apk) first hand on my device, and of course, you need to install a VPN and set it to the USA to use this app. But believe me, it is worth your time and try. It has such a smooth user interface along with an awesome algorithm for showing search results along with the genre separated by various moods and filters.

So guys like it, comment it, and do share it. Help us to improve our page share your review and ideas on how to develop this.

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