Page actions are temporarily disabled in Google Search Console Index

Page actions are temporarily disabled in Google search console. How to index URL fast? We here at Gossipfunda are in article publishing for a while and when we encountered the error page actions are temporarily disabled we panicked. We thought our website was being taken down for an unknown reason and we will lose our site. But we calmed down first of all and researched about the Google search console error. We don’t want you to go through the same so we wrote an article about it.

We have included all the tips and tricks for solving the Google search console error and index URL fast to make your life easier. But if you are not into reading articles then we got you covered with our Youtube video

Now you will encounter the error “page action is temporarily disabled” on Google webmaster or the Google search console.

What does “page actions are temporarily disabled” mean?

If you are into the publication and manually index it on the Google search console, then you will encounter this error. Now you don’t need to panic as it will not be going to ruin your hard work. Maybe you are concerned about getting back-listed by Google’s algorithm.

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Cause of the problem

Now, this mostly happens when you speed up the indexing process using the URL inspection tools, then this error will come. This happens because the Goggle will check your website for any changes and new posts to keep the website up to date.

The downsides of not manually indexing your website are that it can take days or even months to get indexed, so we understand your position.

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Should get worried about it?

Let us cut to the chase, NOT REALLY. This problem is not very uncommon and many people are facing the same problem, even we faced it. And if you getting worried about your page then know that it will soon automatically be fixed.

What can we do about the problem?

Now whenever you see such a notification for Google, understand that Google is updating your site or the whole system. Unfortunately, you can not do anything about this, only Google can as they are the ones who disabled your site. Once Google is done with your site they will bring your page back online and now you can find it.

Now we understand that you want your site online or index your latest post as soon as possible. If you will search online you will see that there are more people who are facing the same problem. We are providing some tips and tricks below to index your latest URL fast.

How to fix the problem: page actions are temporarily disabled?

We would hate to tell you that you can not do much about it. We would suggest you sit back and try to relax a little, Google will fix this for you soon enough. This method is very simple, if you have already submitted your sitemap, then just wait and watch, your URL will index by google when it crawls your site.

HOWEVER, we don’t want our readers to feel helpless about it. So we made a whole video with the possible solutions to your problem. Check out the video on our YouTube channel and apply the tricks mention below:

How to index URL fast?

First, check that your URL is already indexed or not. For this, put a double inverted comma->“URL” at the start, and end of the URL in the google search bar. If it is already indexed, then no need to worry, you can skip this video. If not, then move to mentioned methods.

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not indexed URL
  1. Open your Google Search Console
  2. Enter your URL in the inspect any URL tool
  3. You will see the error page actions are temporarily disabled
Page actions are temporarily disabled how to index URL fast
Page actions are temporarily disabled then how to index URL fast
  1. Now, click on the “TEST LIVE URL.” This will force the google bots to crawl your site’s URL.
  2. Open PageSpeed Insights.
  3. Paste your URL here which you want to index.
PageSpeed Insights to index URL
  1. Next, open mobile-friendly-test by Google.
  2. In the same way, paste your URL here to ping Google for a new change in your site
mobile-friendly-test by Google to index URL
  1. Next, you need to open different Ping sites to ping URL, here are some list:
pingomatic Ping
prepostseo Ping
bulklink Ping
pingler Ping
duplichecker Ping
indexkings Ping
ping.twingly Ping
pingfarm Ping
totalping Ping
smallseotools Ping
pingmylinks Ping
ping Ping
mypagerank Ping
feedshark.brainbliss Ping
googleping Ping
tools.pingdom Ping
pingmyurl Ping
pingthatblog Ping
site24x7 Ping
backlinkping Ping

Note: Open all the sites one by one, paste your URL, Keywords, and blog category asked by the sites, and after filling all the data click on ping.

  1. In the next method, we should make an internal backlink of the URL on the already indexed post. In the same way, you should try to make an external-dofollow backlink on high-quality domain.
  2. The final part is to send for free and paid indexing tool. Some list are:
One Hour IndexingIndex
Speed LinksIndex

Finally, you will see that your URL gets index, if it is not, then wait for a few hours.

URL get indexed

One more best trick is in the video, so must watch it. Truly Speaking the video has high background voice, so you need to watch with patience

Google in their own words:

  • It’s very normal for not all the pages and post on a site to be indexed.
  • Although google index billions of webpages and are constantly working to increase the number of pages or post google include, however google don’t guarantee that it will crawl all of the pages/post of a particular site.
  • Google doesn’t crawl all the pages or post on the web, and don’t index all the pages or post google crawl.[ref]
Page actions are temporarily disabled in Google Search Console

As you will see that many other people are facing the same problem as you.

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Same problem Page actions are temporarily disabled in Google Search Console

Now you know why Google takes the site off from the indexing if you were wondering. But in any case, if you encounter the error then it will mean Google is making changes to your site. We don’t want you to get panic as we did and the lack of informative articles about it makes it even worse.

There was even a tweet was about it from Google themselves to make sure people don’t start panicking. It means that, “Google has disabled the “Request Indexing” characteristic of the URL Inspection Tool to obtain unique base transfers. Google presume to return in the upcoming periods. We maintain to discover & index content through our traditional techniques”.

Google webmaster’s Twitter handle.

Google webmaster's Twitter handle disabled request indexing

Now you must be relaxed and assured that there is nothing you or I can do about it. And it’s a temporary measure used by Google to keep their search engine up to date and run without any complaints. So just sit back and relax for a while from your hectic life.


We saw what it means if you encounter the Google search console error encountered by you. Gossipfunda would suggest that you watch our videos to resolve the problem encountered by you. We hope you can now relax after knowing why the error occurred in the first place.