ANDROID OREO, On August 21, 2017, Google released the 8th android version with the name Oreo. It was the best ever Google’s Android release until 2017. Let’s know it about this present day.


Developers call it as “Oatmeal Cookie”. Users say it is the 8th version of android. But, Google named it as Oreo by following its naming convention. This version i.e. android O is still more popular after Android 10. During the development phase, Android 8 is codenamed as Android O. It is more popular than the previous versions. In contrast, Android users were very happy and they feel very much excited about using this Android version.

A – Apple pie     

  • B – Banana Bread 
  • C – Cupcake 
  • D – Donut 
  • E – Eclair
  • F – Froyo 
  • G – Gingerbread 
  • H – Honeycomb 
  • I – Ice-cream Sandwich
  • J – Jellybean
  • K – Kit-Kat 
  • L – Lollipop 
  • M – Marshmallow 
  • N – Nougat 
  • O – Oreo 
  • P – Pie
  • Android 11
  • Android 12

What made Android 8 special?

While there are several remarkable features in Android Oreo, there are two features that made android O a very special version. These below mentioned features really made Android A pro in the then existing OS versions. We shall discuss those two features here.

Android Go:

The journey of Android, Go started to begin with Oreo. This consumes less amount of space in correspondence with regular Android versions. With just 8 or 16GB, it makes low-end smartphones work the same as smartphones with regular versions. It made all sorts of its users happy by adapting itself to low-end mobile phones.

Hardware Abstraction Layer:

Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) abbreviated as HAL. It acts as an interface between software and hardware within a device. Android Authority implemented this in its new Oreo version. When a particular application requests an action, OS is activated and requests the same to HAL. Finally, HAL activates the hardware action and mechanism.  

What are the updates?


Google’s Android Authority brought a single update within the version history of Android 8. They are Android 8.0 and Android 8.1. We shall have a glance over them.

  • Android 8.0: It was the first update for Android users regarding the 8th version. It was released on 2017 August 21. With a lot of new features, Android O hit mobile phones making users more engaged with new features. It was released after four developer previews. It made the Smartphone looks smarter by implementing neural network and tensor flow.
  • Android 8.1: It was the last update in this version. It was released on 2017 December 5. It brought many enhancements in Android 8.0. Features like Toast messages, Automatic light and dark themes, etc., were added. Developer features like Shared memory API and Wallpaper colors API are made available through this Android update 8.1.
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Highlights in Android 8

Picture in picture:

PIP (Picture In Picture) made a next-level change in the android field. This feature enables the movable window on the screen. This means, two actions regarding two different applications can run on a single screen.

Notification dots:

Users can manage, view or block the application without even visiting it completely. Just press and hold the application icon you wish to modify. Then, done with the changes you require.

Inbuilt security:

This feature in the 8th version of Android makes it more secure to use Android. When it detects Unusual behavior with mobile apps, Oreo prevents it from working.

Battery optimization:

Even though this feature was made available with the previous Android version (Android 7 or Android Nougat), android O made advancements in it. It brought new features like a battery life saver and removing useless apps from work. This improves battery health.

2x Boot time:

This is an interesting feature regarding Android Oreo. In this version, the boot time is doubled when compared to its previous versions. For example, Android device with Nougat (Android 7) takes x time to run an application, Android O completes it in x/2 time. This is called an s2x boot time in Android O. Faster the work, Better the performance with O.


Earlier it is very difficult to enter long applications by filling the same routine names, phone number, address and etc., But, android O made it simple by introducing Auto-fill feature. It stores the user details and whenever they are necessary, it automatically fills the required fields in the application. Read more: Autofill Settings

New and interesting emojis:

As a convention, Android introduces several new emojis whenever it brings an update. With Android O, we were made available with several numbers of such emojis which are very interesting. These beautify the chat and make users engaging in better texting.

Battery % for connected devices:

This feature enables the user to view the battery percentage of the connected devices.  For example, If a Bluetooth device is connected (say, Bluetooth speaker) then its battery percentage was shown in the mobile device with the Oreo version. Android O is the first version to introduce this feature to Android users. Read more: Why does my iPhone battery die so fast?

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Fast booting and better performance:

Unlike earlier, it just takes a few milliseconds to unlock the phone using fingerprint. Faster and stable performance was provided by android O. Loading new applications, Switching between apps and etc., were done very sat while using Android 8.0 and Android 8.1. Read more: Fastboot commands

Night Light:

To make the screen look dim it does not require any external app now. Android Oreo on its way brought interesting features making it night light adaptable. This feature was made more enhanced by the late Android versions like Pie.

Reviews on Android 8

With many benefits for its users, Android 8 brought a better chance to Android in the mobile world. Oreo users will get an in-depth effect on the performance of the camera. Android O includes both popular and necessary applications. Android applications like Google Maps, Youtube, Gmail and etc., are optimized to Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Youtube Go and etc., This was done because its users can experience a better and simplified fast performance. Critics express that Android does always its best in bringing good features to people. And, The same was carried out successfully by introducing Android 8 as O.

Demerits of Android Oreo

Android made its best in introducing Oreo with better features and functioning. It provided the best to its users by implementing several new characteristics that benefited its users. Instant apps, Wifi aware, notification snoozing and etc., stood remarkable all among the android updates. It disappointed it’s users as Google did not introduce VR or AR support. On the other hand, It is very hard to find the drawbacks or demerits with Android O. However, Google’s Android Authority does its best to resolve issues regarding Oreo. Android 8th version has a very little number of demerits and two of the major issues are mentioned here. Let us discuss them.

White notification bar issues: In contrast, the users of Oreo experienced many bugs. On the other hand, The Built-in functionalities like Data saver in Android O brought a little difficulty for its users. This data saver functionality did not only make users alert with prior notifications, but It also made them feel difficult to understand. O received negative feedback regarding the White notification bar.

Less Number of features: While users are waiting to get benefited with a lot number of features. Google’s Android Authority introduced Oreo with a very little number of features. That disappointed its users. On the other hand, Google has good progress going with VR and AR support, But It disappointed it’s users as Google did not introduce VR or AR support.

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Is Android O still supported?

Oreo Initial version: Android 8.0 was released on 21 August 2017.

Oreo Final version: Android 8.1 was released on 5 December 2017

Even though Android O being an older version, it is still being used in many old devices. Users who habituated with it find their own pleasure with its benefits.


With the same heritage and highness, Google’s Android Authority made its best in introducing Oreo to the Android world. It stood as the most rated Software across the OS world. Being a lightweight OS, Android O takes very little storage and experiences its users with better performance. Bring in the trendy text selection features, the eight versions of android never made its users feel low or discouraged. To be frank, Android O stood as the backbone for the later of its versions in android.

As I have mentioned earlier, Critics express that Android does always its best in bringing good features to people. And, The same was carried out successfully by introducing Android 8 as Oreo. Android is a hot and evergreen topic in the world of mobile marketing. In contrast, putting forward versions like Android O brings remarkable growth in the world of Android devices. It contributes several features that made its users feel higher in using android devices.

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